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Some things I'd like to note:

1. The Japanese name spells it out more obviously, but the English name is a bit more obscure with why exactly the spirit is being flogged by the concept of a gear. Anyone unfamiliar with the concept in pop-culture (blessed few, I know) will be stumped, I think. We actually explain the double-entendre in Lip Service, so I have added an explanation here as well. However, I think this is more something for the Trivia section than the start of the article (again, Lip Service), right? Feel free to revert it if you think it goes too far. Or perhaps dialing it back a bit is better, I don't know.

2. The German name is a mess. "Geisteskranz" sounds to me like it would be a thing, but if it is, it is extremely archaic and even then was rare. I did indeed find one instance in an old book where it seems to mean "gaining respect through intellectual competition" or something like that. It's not clear. I'm guessing the name in-game is actually a play on the laurel wreath (Lorbeerkranz), so the joke is the spirit flogger is rewarded for being a "good corporate drone". Disturbing is the similarity to "Geisteskrank", which is a colloquial, non-pc term for 'mentally-ill'. As you can see, there is a joke here, but it is in bad taste, so I'm guessing it's actually unintended. I hope.

3. Do you guys think it really is taboo to use "human heart" in Pikmin lore? I think that's going a bit far, since it is the term that we would use if we translated from 'Hocotatian' to English. Either way, I imagine it's meant as "a person's heart" in the original Japanese, and reworded the trivia part accordingly.

4. Is the otheruses template really necessary? Just strikes me as a tad silly.

Either way, yeesh, one of the more intellectually challenging items for the generally young audience of Pikmin 2...--Prezintenden 13:53, April 17, 2021 (EDT)