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Infobox dandori challenge
Available Pikmin
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
{{{bronze}}} {{{silver}}} {{{gold}}} {{{platinum}}}
Dandori level
Time limit {{{time}}}
Music {{{music}}}


Place this template at the top of Dandori Challenge stage articles. This creates an information box with data about the stage.


Parameter Mandatory Default Detailed description
name No Name of the stage, if it's different from the name of the article.
screenshot No Image title of the stage screenshot, including extension.
map Yes Image title of the radar map image, including extension.
size No 250px Size of both images.
red No Number of starting Red Pikmin.
yellow No Number of starting Yellow Pikmin.
blue No Number of starting Blue Pikmin.
ice No Number of starting Ice Pikmin.
rock No Number of starting Rock Pikmin.
winged No Number of starting Winged Pikmin.
purple No Number of starting Purple Pikmin.
white No Number of starting White Pikmin.
redcb No Number of Red Candypop Buds, if any.
yellowcb No Number of Yellow Candypop Buds, if any.
bluecb No Number of Blue Candypop Buds, if any.
icecb No Number of Ice Candypop Buds, if any.
rockcb No Number of Rock Candypop Buds, if any.
wingedcb No Number of Winged Candypop Buds, if any.
purplecb No Number of Purple Candypop Buds, if any.
whitecb No Number of White Candypop Buds, if any.
bronze Yes Points needed to obtain a bronze medal.
silver Yes Points needed to obtain a silver medal.
gold Yes Points needed to obtain a gold medal.
platinum Yes Points needed to obtain a platinum medal.
dandori Yes The stage's Dandori Level as specified in-game on a scale of 1 to 5.
time Yes Time limit.
music Yes Main song that plays in this level, with a link to the corresponding section in the Music in Pikmin 4 article.


{{infobox dandori challenge
|screenshot = 
|name       = 
|map        = 
|size       = 
|red        = 
|redcb      = 
|yellow     = 
|yellowcb   = 
|blue       = 
|bluecb     = 
|ice        = 
|icecb      = 
|rock       = 
|rockcb     = 
|winged     = 
|wingedcb   = 
|purple     = 
|purplecb   = 
|white      = 
|whitecb    = 
|bronze     = 
|silver     = 
|gold       = 
|platinum   = 
|dandori    = 
|time       = 
|music      =