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This template creates a map, particularly one that shows the location of some item. It makes use of {{map}}, but wraps it in a thumbnail frame and highlights each icon with a circle by default.


Parameter Mandatory Default Detailed description
width Yes Width to display the image at.
height Yes Height to display the image at.
image Yes Name of the image file, with extension.
caption Yes Caption to write below the image.
align No left Page alignment for the thumbnail frame. Can be set to "right".
bg No Background color to use.
icons No A collection of icons to place on the image. Use {{map icon}} for this.


{{location map | width = <width> | height = <height> | image = <image> | caption = <caption> | align = <align?> | bg = <background color?> | icons =
{{map icon | <icon> | <x> | <y> | <size> | bg = <background?> | custom = <custom?>}}


Code Result
{{ location map | width = 368 | height = 232 | image = AW map cropped.jpg | caption = Location of the landing site. | icons =
{{map icon | Hocotate ship | 132 | 181}}
AW map cropped.jpg
Hocotate ship icon.png
Location of the landing site.