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Places an icon on top of a map, for use with {{map}}.


Parameter Mandatory Default Purpose Detailed description
1 Yes Icon The name of the icon's subject. This will place the name in the {{icon}} template.
2 Yes 0 X X coordinate of the center of the icon.
3 Yes 0 Y Y coordinate of the center of the icon.
4 No 32 Width Width of the icon.
v No Version If there is more than one version of the subject, use this parameter to specify it. This is valid for icon filenames that follow the following pattern: "<subject> <version> icon.png".
l No Link If the link to the article is different from the icon's name, specify it here.
bg No Background A CSS background property to apply a circular highlight behind the icon.
custom No Custom icon If you don't want the icon on the first parameter to use {{icon}}, then use the first parameter to specify your custom icon (or text, or whatever you want), and give this parameter a value, like "y".


{{map icon | <icon> | <x> | <y> | <size> | bg = <background?> | custom = <custom?>}}


See: Template:Map#Examples