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Used in Pikipedia:Current projects, to help write down a task's stats on the main table, complete with tooltips and bars.


Parameter Mandatory Default Purpose Detailed description
1 Yes Name Name of the task, and name of the section that details the task.
2 Yes Importance Importance rating, from 1 to 5.
3 Yes Duration Duration rating, from 1 to 5.
4 Yes Pikmin knowledge Pikmin knowledge rating, from 0 to 5.
5 Yes MediaWiki skill MediaWiki skill rating, from 0 to 5.
6 Yes Game Applicable game. If there are multiple, type Multiple. If there is none, type None.
7 Yes Completion Current completion status, from 0 to 100.
8 No Extra info Any extra info to include.


{{wiki task | <name> | <importance> | <duraiton> | <pikmin knowledge> | <mediawiki skill> | <game> | <completion> | <extra info>}}