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This is a list of ongoing projects at Pikipedia that we could do with some help on. To request that other projects be undertaken, please leave a comment on the talk page. When a project has been completed, its section can be removed from this page.

Each of these sections has a summary and a list of tasks. The summary lists the existing tasks, but also categorizes them under two attributes: the required Pikmin knowledge, and the underlying technical difficulty. Some users may be very willing to help, but aren't confident with their editing skills. In such cases, it's best to take care of tasks that require minimal MediaWiki knowledge. Likewise, suppose somebody is pretty confident with how wikis work, and even have access to an emulator or other advanced tools, but doesn't know a lot about the Pikmin series; for instance, they only played Super Smash Bros. Brawl. There are some tasks that need attention from more technical users, and also don't require much Pikmin knowledge, making them perfect for users like this one.

These categories have 3 values: high, medium or low. They're subjective, and they're only meant to give an idea on the complexity of the task. Of course, these are just guidelines – feel free to try any of the projects listed anyway. If you read through Help:Editing and you can follow instructions, you should be able to cope with any technical difficulty level.


Due to several reasons, the wiki could be lagging behind on some important aspects. These should be fixed as soon as possible, so if you spot anything on this category, please consider working on it!

Right now, we need Hey! Pikmin information!


These tasks aren't as important, but following them through ensures that the wiki is progressing towards perfection. We may never reach it, but we can try.

Project Pikmin knowledge Technical difficulty
Monologs, voyage log entries and ship's dialogs some hard
Treasures a lot medium
2-player battle locations a lot medium
Ship's dialogs a lot medium
Enemy article guidelines and guide policies a lot medium
Area article guidelines a lot medium
Pikmin 3 locations some medium
How to reach caves some easy
Transcripts some easy
Mission Mode guides a lot medium
GamePad stylus mode buttons none medium

Monologs, voyage log entries and ship's dialogs[edit]

Olimar's monologs, Olimar's voyage log and ship's dialogs should be placed on pages they refer to, if any, using {{notes}}. To do this, move the text to "Notes:Article name/monolog" (or "/voyage" or "/ship") and include {{metadata}} as documented. Then add or change the notes template on the article (see the template's documentation), and transclude the new subpage on the notes listing page it comes from using the alternative form of the notes template (again, see its documentation). Some articles already have these notes, but they are hardcoded into the article, and should instead use Template:Notes.


Most treasure articles still lack proper information as to the location and collection of the treasure. A list of treasure articles can be found at Treasure Hoard or Template:Treasures.

2-player battle locations[edit]

Most are short. The pages need data (enemy list, hazard list, Pellet Posy list), descriptions (possible layouts, marble and Onion locations, where cherries tend to land), and level-specific strategies. Ideally, they'd have one section per layout (including the layout selection direction, and the technical information template in each). Find a list here.

Ship's dialogs[edit]

In Pikmin 2, the Ship will usually give out dialog as a form of advice to the player. However only very little dialog has been transferred, and thus more dialog needs to be added to the page. Here is a list of what needs to be added:

  • Pikmin (sighting, obtaining, abilities discovered)
  • Sprays (collecting berries, making spray out of, collecting drop, using)
  • Nectar, nectar weed, rubble
  • Candypop Buds
  • Hazards (fire, water, poison, electricity)
  • Bulbmin
  • Cave (one per cave)
  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • End of day
  • Exploration Kit
  • Challenge Mode unlocked
  • Titan Dweevil
  • Debt repayment
  • Pikmin extinction
  • Discover treasure (beginning cut-scene)

If this list is missing something or need to talk about something about the project in general, suggest it here.

Enemy article guidelines and guide policies[edit]

As of November 25th, 2014, Pikipedia has an enemy article guidelines and a guide policy. Most of the enemy articles do not follow the new guidelines. As for guides, guide sections and articles should have the Guide template at the start, as a result. This includes, but is not limited to: enemy strategies, cave walkthroughs, Challenge Mode and Mission Mode guides, ship part, treasure and fruit walkthroughs and challenge runs.

Area article guidelines[edit]

As of December 18th, 2014, Pikipedia has area article guidelines. Most of the articles do not yet adhere to the guidelines.

How to reach caves[edit]

As of January 22nd, 2014, the cave article guidelines has a new section. The purpose of this section is to explain to players how to reach the cave in question. The cave articles currently don't follow this part of the guidelines.


In an effort to standardize transcript text across the wiki, transcript text should be on the "Notes" namespace, and should be written using {{transcript}}.

Mission Mode guides[edit]

Most Mission Mode pages should have the basic lists of enemies and obstacles by now. Each level should have a in-text guide, split up into multiple paragraphs, on the most efficient way to get a Platinum medal in the level. We have plans to make video guides on the Wiki's YouTube channel, but until/if we get to doing that, we should add these guides ASAP. If someone has a strategy and you think you have a better one, please discuss on the talk page as to which we will put on the stage. There should be guides for both Collect Treasure! and Battle Enemies!; guides for the bosses are already present on their respective pages.

GamePad stylus mode buttons[edit]

When playing in Stylus mode in Pikmin 3, certain buttons appear on the GamePad screen for the use of the charge function, sprays, and other such things. If we could get the buttons themselves on the wiki, we can use it for data file pages and other places necessary. These buttons are translucent, and we should get images with a black background.

Bingo Battle stages[edit]

The Bingo Battle stage articles are a bit lackluster and disorganized. Here's a checklist of what to do to each stage article to improve this situation:

  • Describe the stage very generally in the opening paragraph.
  • Create an "Overview" section describing the stage's layout, mentioning possible paths to reach the other side of the arena, crannies, open spaces, structures of interest, etc. See also: Pikipedia:Area article guidelines#Overview.
  • In each layout section's opening paragraph, describe in general the key differences between this layout and the others. Just the types of Pikmin is not enough.
  • For each variation's image:
    • Use high resolution images.
    • Snap it with Victory Macaroon on (so its initial location is visible), and with 1v1 and 5 Pikmin on each side (so excess Pikmin or leaders don't clog up the image).
    • Since the game sometimes rotates the stages around, make sure the stage in the image is always oriented in the same way as the GamePad radar preview (the one used in the stage selection stage), for the sake of consistency.
  • Make sure the term used to refer to a different object placement is "variation", not "layout".
  • Standardize the look of all pages in general.


The tasks on this section never end. Because of the large amount of edits, new articles, and the nature of the guidelines, it's normal for one or two tasks that used to be completed to suddenly be re-activated, because there are articles that don't follow them. If everybody keeps focusing on the important and secondary tasks, these articles will never receive any attention. When you feel like contributing to Pikipedia, but aren't feeling like taking up big tasks, you should probably check these out!

Project Pikmin knowledge Technical difficulty
Image descriptions some easy
Tag poor images none easy
Pikmin "colors" none easy
Enemy pronouns none easy
Large files none hard
Update the world records some easy

Image descriptions[edit]

Some image pages contain a good description of what the picture shows. Others, however, either only have a bland line of text, or are missing a description altogether. If you see such an image, please add a description. These do not have to be long or detailed, but concise and accurate; just a sentence about what the image is of, probably with a link to its subject if there's an article on it.

Tag poor images[edit]

Some images are really small, and you can hardly make out the details in it. Others are too blurry. Maybe some could be too low quality, too dark, a photo of a television screen or even rotated weirdly. If you see any image that you feel could be improved, please enter the image's page, edit it, and add {{image}} somewhere. This will tag the image with a note saying that it's a candidate to being replaced. You should provide a reason for your decision, like so: {{image|The fruit that this screenshot is about is too far away.}}.

Pikmin "colors"[edit]

In order to refer to Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, etc. as an individual type, the wiki sometimes uses the term "color" (i.e. "this Pikmin color is effective against..."). However, this isn't a very accurate word, given that Bulbmin, Rock and Winged aren't a color. As such, all instances of "color" (or "colour"), when referring to a Pikmin type, should be replaced with "type" (or any other synonym).

Enemy pronouns[edit]

On the wiki, we refer to some enemies as he or she, as if we knew their gender. We should instead be using the pronoun "it" (or similar it-related pronouns). Some enemies do have a known gender, but it's normally good practice to call them all "it", still.

Large files[edit]

Some files on the wiki are pretty massive. Heavy PNGs should be replaced by lighter JPGs or go through PNGCrush, high-quality JPGs should have their quality toned down, and images with needlessly high dimensions should be shrunk. But of course, common sense needs to be used for this. If the image is meant to have clear detail, it might be best for it to stay the way it is. Use your judgment. A list of the largest files can be found here.

Update the world records[edit]

Articles about Pikmin 3's Mission Mode levels and bosses have a section on their current world records, as provided by the in-game global ranking feature. Although they are merely on the wiki to give a general idea of where the scores are, and not to serve as a mirror of Nintendo's leaderboards, it helps that we keep the records updated every once in a while. If you have a few minutes, check the game and update the articles with the most recent records. Don't forget to adjust the date of retrieval.


You likely aren't meant to be following these tasks. These could just be here for safekeeping, or because they refer to something that doesn't follow the traditional meaning of a task.

Max deaths[edit]

A new attribute has been added to the enemies' infoboxes: max deaths. This is the maximum number of Pikmin that can die in a single attack. However, almost all enemy pages lack info on this subject. We must observe every attack of every enemy, on both games, and write how many Pikmin can die in a single blow, if any. As discussed here, some values should be gathered first, and then their place will be later decided. As of now, Espyo will host a list.


Some articles about enemies, caves and Challenge Mode levels don't have a strategy/walkthrough section. The articles that do have one aren't coherent. Some of them have the strategies in a section on the bottom, others have the strategy hidden within the regular description text; some call the reader "you" and provide walkthroughs, others use the term "the player" and explain strategies in a more general way... A consistent style for these must be discussed sometime in the future.

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