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New Play Control! Pikmin icon.png Used to Own, 100% Completion
New Play Control! Pikmin 2 icon.png Owns, 100% Completion
Pikmin 3 icon.png Owns, 100% Completion
Pikmin Adventure icon.png Owns, 145% Completion
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Heh, you must have run out of things to read if you've came to my user page. But, feel free to read this page if you really want to, or click that back button and go back to some articles that you'd actually want to read. Also, feel free to change any typos. 

What's up guys, and welcome to my user page! I'm AeroBlaze777! I am an avid Pikmin. I have played both versions of Pikmin (though I prefer the New Play Control! Version) and the Wii version of Pikmin 2 (could never find the Gamecube version in my area), and Pikmin 3. I like to come onto the wiki at least once a day. I try my best to be up to date with the latest Pikmin news. I am also am a member on other wikis (This doesn't necessarily mean I contribute to it, but I at least check it every couple days. This is easily the wiki I contribute the most to), like Smash Wiki ( and Super Mario Wiki (

Made by myself.

About Me

I am a guy who has literally grew up with pikmin. Many kids in my area would play Halo and Call of Duty, but my parents did not let me play those games. Most of the games I played on my Wii came from Nintendo, and Pikmin was one of the first. It is one of my favorite video game series. I would create many save files just to explore the world. I really hope that the Pikmin Series can have many games and be a long as The Legend of Zelda series. I am currently working on some ideas for future Pikmin games. 

The username "AeroBlaze777" originated from my cousin's RuneScape Account. He used the username AeroBlaze. After a while, he stopped playing, so I used his account a lot. I also had 777 in my email address at the time of creating this account, so I figured to put that on my Username as well. 

I enjoy watching Let's Plays from people, like ChuggaaConroy and PurpleRodri. I hope to start Let's Playing myself once I have the good recording materials. I have a Blue Snowball Mic, but I am saving up money for an Elgato. I tried LPing with a Dazzle, but it kept missing frames, so I eventually decided to go for something better.

My Future Pikmin Game Ideas are below. It is constantly under construction, so you will see frequent updates. I spent a lot of time on it, so it would be nice if you could check em out!

Anyways, thanks for reading. My records, favorites, and ideas are below. Make sure to check out my YouTube Channel (My Website Link) where I will upload website footage, trailers, and other things related to Pikmin at the moment. I hope you check it out! If you have something to tell me, either leave a message on my message wall, message me on Youtube (AeroBlaze777), or IM Me on Skype, which is AeroBlaze777. Anyway, I have no catchphrase to end this paragraph, so I'll see you later... If I ever see you that is. :P

Note: These records take a long time to fill out. I'll finish them when I get the time.

What do I do on the Wiki???

Well, I do a good amount of stuff on the wiki. Firstly, I tend to add tons of images to pages that need them. You can probably tell that since I've earned the Photoplay Philosopher badge on the Pikmin Wiki. :D Many people ask me how I tend to do this. The truth is that you don't need any expensive equipment or anything. All you need is an HD video of Pikmin on Youtube:

  • I try to predict what video could the thing I need a photo of could be in. (for example, if I need a picture of the Guard Satelite, I would look up "Pikmin Beady Long Legs" or something like that)
  • I make sure that the video is at least 720p. Images need to be the best quality. 
  • To take a screenshot, you press Command+Shift+3 for Mac, which I assume is Control+Shift+3 for Windows. 
  • Instead of showing the whole screen, I crop it down with Preview or any Picture editing software. 

And that's it! 

What else... hmm.. I tend to mess around with Templates and Infoboxes, though I'm not that experienced with them. If you're looking for a pro, go to TheSneakySpy or Espyo or whatever. Maybe anyone but me. :P

I also try to look out for vandalism on the Wiki, and try to fix it as much as I can. 

As for other things, I also try to organize the wiki. For example, if there's a giant blob of text explaining controls, I try to organize it and put it into a Table. 

I'm also the one who is fairly active on the Pikmin Wiki's Youtube Channel. All the cutscenes from Pikmin 3 are normally uploaded by me, and are Recorded by CraftedPbody. 

I was the one who designed the current Wiki logo (the one on the main page). I was surprised on how good it turned out, since I had hardly any experience with Photoshop, but I managed to teach myself and work together a fairly decent logo. 

Well, that's pretty much all I do on the wiki. Anyways, you'd probably want to go back to that article that you were reading. I don't know how you guys ended up here. 

New Play Control! Pikmin Statistics

Story Mode

Pikmin completion record: 8 days

Ship Parts: 30/30

Red Pikmin: 152

Blue Pikmin: 156

Yellow Pikmin: 54

Pikmin Lost: 32

Challenge Mode

Impact Site: 250

Forest of Hope: 447

Forets Navel: 325

Distant Spring: 426

Final Trial: 302

Nintendo Selects: Pikmin 2 Statistics

Story Mode

Pikmin 2 completion record: 10 days

Treasures: 201/201

Red Pikmin: 52

Yellow Pikmin: 71

Blue Pikmin: 80

White Pikmin: 64

Purple Pikmin: 110

Pikmin lost: 18

Challenge Mode

Stage Completion Status Score (To be filled out... whenever)
Explorer's Cave
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Novice Training
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Lost Toy Box
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Creator's Garden
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Green Hole
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Hot House
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Brawny Abyss
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Red Chasm
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Trampled Garden
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Twilight Garden
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Cryptic Cavern
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Concrete Maze
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Collector's Room
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Dweevil Nest
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Cavernous Abyss
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Snack Pit
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Three Color Training
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Hazard Training
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Cave of Snarls
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
The Giant's Bath
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Rumbling Grotto
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Subterranean Lair
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Hidden Garden
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Abduction Den
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Secret Testing Range
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Breeding Ground
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Cave of Pain
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Bully Den
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Sniper Room
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.
Emperor's Realm
The pink flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents courses that were finished, with no Pikmin lost.

Pikmin 3 Statistics

Story Mode

Pikmin 3 completion record: 15 Days

Fruits: All 66

Powerups: All 4

Red Pikmin: 137

Rock Pikmin: 161

Yellow Pikmin: 143

Winged Pikmin: 203

Blue Pikmin: 140

Pikmin Lost: 15

Juice: 80 Bottles

Mission Mode: Collect Treasure!

Stage Solo Co-Op
Tropical Forest Platinum Gold 
Silver Lake Platinum Bronze
Thirsty Desert Platinum Gold
Twilight Hollow Platinum Silver
Shaded Garden Platinum Platinum
Tropical Forest Remix Platinum Silver
Silver Lake Remix Platinum ---
Thirsty Desert Remix Platinum ---
Twilight Hollow Remix Platinum ---
Shaded Garden Remix Platinum ---
Fortress of Festivity Platinum ---
The Rustyard Platinum ---
Beastly Cavern Platinum ---
Forgotten Cove Platinum ---
Clockwork Chasm Platinum ---

Mission Mode: Battle Enemies!

Stage Solo Co-Op
Tropical Forest Platinum ---
Silver Lake Platinum ---
Thirsty Desert Platinum ---
Twilight Hollow Platinum ---
Shaded Garden Platinum ---
Tropical Wilds Remix Platinum ---
Garden of Hope Remix Platinum ---
Distant Tundra Remix Platinum ---
Twilight River Remix Platinum ---
Formidable Oak Remix Platinum ---
Fortress of Festivity Platinum ---
The Rustyard Platinum ---
Beastly Cavern Platinum ---
Forgotten Cove Platinum ---
Clockwork Chasm Platinum ---

Mission Mode: Defeat Bosses!

Boss Solo Co-Op
Armored Mawdad Platinum ---
Vehemoth Phosbat Platinum ---
Sandbelching Meerslug Platinum ---
Scornet Maestro Platinum ---
Quaggled Mireclops Platinum ---
Plasm Wraith Platinum ---

Note: I've yet to complete the co-op stages; the few that I have completed are thanks to my cousin, but he doesn't live near me at all. So, hopefully I can get someone to help me with the co-op missions eventually.

Pikmin Adventure Statistics

Pikmin Adventure completion: 145%

Stamps: 8/10 

(I hardly play Nintendo Land anymore, so don't expect these stats to change anytime soon. )

Favorites/Least Favorites 

About Pikmin


Favorite Pikmin Type: 

  • Blues in Pikmin
  • Yellows in Pikmin 2
  • Winged in Pikmin 3

Favorite Boss:

  • Armored Cannon Beetle in Pikmin 
  • Segmented Crawbster in Pikmin 2
  • Vehemoth Phosobat in Pikmin 3

Favorite Area

  • Forest of Hope in Pikmin
  • Wistful Wild in Pikmin 2
  • Twilight River in Pikmin 3

Favorite Enemy

  • Pearly Clamclamp in Pikmin
  • Greater Spotted Jellyfloat in Pikmin 2 
  • Peckish Aristocrab in Pikmin 3 

Least Favorites

Least Favorite Pikmin Type:

  • Yellows in Pikmin (Useless)
  • Reds in Pikmin 2 (Useless)
  • Purples in Pikmin 3 (Useless)

Least Favorite Boss

  • Smokky Progg in Pikmin (Who's child is this?!?!)
  • Man-at-Legs in Pikmin 2 (Machine Gun? F***)
  • Sandbelching Meerslug in Pikmin 3 (Planted Bomb Pikmin, all pikmin die)

Least Favorite Area

  • Forest Navel in Pikmin (A Bellybutton with Wollywogs)
  • Perplexing Pool in Pikmin 2 (Bulbears + Beady Long Legs = D:)
  • Distant Tundra in Pikmin 3 (Shaggy Long Legs in WATER?! Screw you too, game.)

Least Favorite Enemy 

  • Wollywogs in Pikmin (Didn't see this comin, huh?)
  • Careening Dirigbugs and Gatling Groinks in Pikmin 2 (Make bombs from their mouths? Must have Heartburn :P)
  • Dessicatted Skitter Leaves in Pikmin 3 (Once ate all pikmin carrying back objects D:<)

DLC Ideas

This includes the DLC not involving any story. 

  • Have a boss rush level, where the only Pikmin allowed are Purple Pikmin (Bosses like Mawdad have some parts of the Crystal Removed, and Mireclops Crystal is shattered)
  • Have all bosses not present in Pikmin 3 re-appear in Defeat Bosses! Mode. 
  • Have an obstacle course that is timed, which requires taking out obstacles in a short amount of time, and at the end is a Boss. 

Ideas for Pikmin 3: Fruitful Harvest (Pikmin 3 DLC)

The presidents of the various nations of Koppai are so pleased with the amount of Fruit that Alph, Brittany, and Charlie bring back that everybody wants to see more of this amazing fruit! Oscar, Drake, and Sierra, 3 other explorers from Koppai, go back to haul back even more fruit using the S.S. Phoneix. The thing is, Koppai's worldwide holiday, The Settlement Harvest, where the Koppites celebrate the settling on Koppai, is coming up in 10 days. The explorers have to make it back to Koppai in 10 days with as much fruit as they can carry! And the whole Juice thing is not a problem. They came with 12 bottles of juice, and they didn't crash. 

Along the way, they find Louie, who himself has befriended the Purple and White Pikmin to search for Fruit (He was left behind the first time), and decide to team up with him. This allows Purples and Whites in Story Mode (DLC Only). The explorers automatically find the Master Onion, which was still in the Formiddable Oak. It saw the Drake and Immediately flew off with it. 

Unfortunetly, on the way back, Delt Drops his KopPad. Louie goes back to pick it up, but then they blast off unknowingly. 

DLC Features

Long story short, this will basically be a nuzlocke version of Pikmin 3. 

  • All bosses are replaced with old bosses, like the Armored Cannon Beetle and Ranging Bloyster. 
  • All areas have a reskin, but still retain the same geography. They also have different names. 
  • All fruits in the DLC are new fruits. 
  • All areas are unlocked except for Formiddable Oak, and all have 15 fruits, Meaning you have to collect 60 fruits in 10 days. There are an extra 4 fruits that bosses only drop. 
  • To keep difficulty, the game starts you with only Spicy Sprays, and Burgeoning Spiderworts are not to be found, nor do enemies drop them. 
  • There can only be 200 TOTAL Pikmin alive at any one point.  
  • Various enemies can be seen because it is migration time. 
  • DLC will cost $14.99 USD. 

New Fruits

  • Spikey Fortress (Pineapple)
  • Sweet Heart (Lychee)
  • Immovable Harvest (Large Durian)
  • Lip Stainer (Blueberries)
  • Blue Disguise (Blackberries)
  • Debate Lump (Tomato)
  • Love Nugget (Pomegranate)
  • Passionate Perplexor (Passion Fruit)
  • Green Spectator (Tropical Coconut)
  • Sweet Monster (Date Fruit)
  • Hairy Avalanche (Regular Coconut)

Fruits Dropped by Bosses

  • Color Mystery (Strawberry Guava)
  • Tempting Crop (Pumpkin)
  • Green Memory (Plantain
  • Sweet Tsunami (Apricot)


Mucky Marsh (Former Tropical Wilds)


  • Love Nugget × 2
  • Pasionate Perplexor × 3
  • Blue Disguise × 4
  • Immovable Harvest × 1
  • Sweet Monster × 3
  • Lip Stainer × 2


  • Miniboss: Goolix
  • Boss: Ranging Bloyster

Arid Sands (Former Garden of Hope):


  • Green Spectator × 1
  • Debate Lump × 4
  • Sweet Heart × 4
  • Blue Disguise × 2
  • Love Nugget × 2
  • Lip Stainer × 2


  • Miniboss: Armored Cannon Beetle
  • Boss: Emperor Bulblax

Backyard Garden (Former Distant Tundra):


  • Spikey Fortress × 1
  • Passionate Perplexor × 2
  • Blue Disguise × 3 
  • Lip Stainer × 2
  • Debate Lump × 3 
  • Sweet Monster × 4


  • Miniboss: Burrowing Snagret
  • Boss: Raging Long Legs

Tropical Savannah (Former Twilight River):


  • Hairy Avalanche × 1 
  • Lip Stainer × 3
  • Blue Disguise × 2
  • Sweet Heart × 3
  • Love Nugget × 2
  • Passionate Perplexor × 4


  • Miniboss: Empress Bulblax
  • Boss: Pileated Snagret

Ideas for Pikmin: Stranded (Sequel to DLC)


Some may remember that at the end of Pikmin 3, an object came flying onto the surface. The explorer has been looking for metals, and was sent to look for steel in the universe. He came to PNF-404. However, since his planet, Fuga (pronounced few ga), lacks steel, his ship managed to burn up, and he escaped. He later met up with Louie. His name is Delt. Delt specializes in flying, as he is an expert Pilot who served in Fuga's space defense. He is also a fairly good engineer. 

Louie has been left behind and is stranded, this time, no one knows. He makes it to a cave, which is closed off from predators, making it a safe place to retreat. There is water in the cave, but the thing he is missing is food. He first thinks to himself that he will have to collect fruit by himself, but that is when Delt appears. Delt, to Louie's surprise, is facing a similar dilema to Louie, and they decide to team up. Delt managed to get a good supply of food (enough to last 50 days, then the explorers must find more food), so they made a good team.  

While exploring this area, they find the wrecked ship. He orderes the Yellow Pikmin, who followed Louie into the cave, to dig it up and carry it to the cave, where he finds that 30 parts of the ship are missing (sound famililar?). According to Drake's KopPad, there were 35 objects that could be a ship part in this massive continent. Louie has to carry back each part, and spends some of the night repairing the ship with the help of Delt, because the Ship cannot do all of it on it's own.

Delt had a goal as well: to carry home as much metal as he could. Metal is found in clumps similar to the Nuggets in mission mode. 20 nuggets of steel equals to one Fugation Pound. His goal is to find at least 100 Fugation Pounds worth of these metals. The type of metals vary as well. Some are copper, steel, etc. He stores the metal in the Hocotate Ship. 

Instead of going into the atmosphere at night, Louie and Delt stay in the cave at night. This is why onions must be carried back in order to fuse it. Also, he is stranded, and thus, is only able to explore the one area, which they call the Diverse Continent. However, Louie names areas for the certain attributes they have. For example, the Hot Spring is called Serene Springs, while the Pond is called Pikmin Pool. Delt also sets up a signal tower to see how many parts are in that area. He cannot fly to this area, but he can check where he is at all times. Once the Research Pod is obtained, they can fly to the signal towers. The onion will follow them. This is seen on the map, since it is very big and hard to remember. 

He starts off with Yellow Pikmin, since they are used to high places, and this cave was on a high ledge. They manage to light a lightbulb giving the cave power and the ability for Onions and Pellets to grow.

Discovering Red Pikmin

Next they make it to a hot spring of sorts, and Louie finds that his helmet is fogging up. Not too far away, there were some Red Pikmin playing in the fire. The Red Onion is dormant, and the Red Pikmin are thinking of ways to activate the Onion again. When Louie attacks the Onion, there were some Camo Sheargrubs which was preventing it from activating. After he got rid of it, he carried it back to fuse it. 

Discovering Blue Pikmin

He discovers a pond not too far from the hotspring, in which Blue Pikmin are chasing the wogpoles in a pond. The Blue Onion is dormant, and the Blue Pikmin think the wogpoles were causing the problem. They killed them and nothing happened. They carried it back and it fuse. Louie finally figured it out. 

Discovering Rock Pikmin

He then comes across a part encased in crystal. Confused, he looks around, when he finds in a tiny alclove, some Rock Pikmin! They were playing with a Onion calcified. Once the onion was free, he carried it back, and carried the part encased in crystal as well. 

Discovering Purple Pikmin

He makes his way into a cave where he hears a loud thudding sound. Expecting the worst, he gets ready for a fight, but then sees a few Purple Pikmin playing with a wood plank and a can, making it act like a seesaw. Up on a ledge, he sees some Purple Pikmin waving down to them. He then unexpectedly gets shot up and finds that there is an onion that weighs 30 Pikmin, but there were only 2 Purple Pikmin up there. Somehow, 10 others get shot up and they carry the onion back.

Discovering Winged Pikmin

Later, in a slightly elevated area, he discovers a part SOOOO High up that not even the Yellow Pikmin can reach it. It is also a perfect spot for a signal tower, but he has no means of getting there. He goes a little farther and discovers a Pink Onion trapped in a web. He frees it by making Purple Pikmin pull down the web, and then carries it back.

Discovering White Pikmin

Louie finds his way into an area with high levels of Carbon Dioxide (Poison). So much, that the pikmin refused to go with him. He ventures out until he finds a pipe with this gas leaking out. Some White Pikmin were trying to turn it off by pulling a switch. Louie throws them on it and it shuts down, and it spits out something: The white onion. He carries it back, making quite a large onion. 

Discovering Shelled Pikmin

When Louie discovers some Bomb Rocks, he laying finds that the Pikmin are having trouble picking it up. Off in the background, he hears an explosion. He goes and sees some Shelled Pikmin playing with the bombs. they are trying to destroy the stone that has encased the Orange Onion. They carry back the Onion, and they fuse to form a Master Onion with Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Rock, Winged, AND Shelled Pikmin. 

Discovering Cyan Pikmin

Louie manages to push a peculiar Iron Ball off a ledge, getting rid of stones blocking a path. Here, he enters a cave, where no light is emitting except from some Common Clowcaps. He edges along slowly, when it suddenly turns much brighter. He goes to the source of the light and discovers the Cyan Pikmin. A Bulbear is attacking them, and the Cyan Pikmin are fiercely attacking it. Louie helps out, and discovers that the Bulbear had the Cyan Onion. He then carries it back. 


Eventually he carries all of the parts back, and even coats the Ship a nice Green Color. When preparing to launch off, Louie gets an email from the president about the PNF-404 Space Station (see Ideas for Pikmin: Return to the Planet). The President states that they will build a station on the Moon, and they suggest Louie wait on the moon, since construction was going to begin shortly. Delt agrees to this, stating that if he could build a ship with the metals he obtained, he could fly home. 

However, Louie doesn't have great experience with Piloting. He lets Delt fly them to the moon. Delt warns Louie, stating that it could be bumpy, since Delt is a fast pilot. When they reach the clouds, a wrench falls out of the toolbox in Louie's cockpit, and hits the eject button! Louie falls out into the lair of a Groundchucker. 

Delt tried to communicate to Louie, but he could not get his signal (his tracking device was taken off since they were going to the space station), and Drake's Koppad was still on the ship. Unfortuneatly, Delt has no choice but to stay on the moon and help with building the space station, since he doesn't know anywhere to look for him. 


These are part of the massive continent, not actual areas like we are used to. As a reminder, this game is a semi-open world game.

The Native Cave

This is the cave where Louie retreats to every night. It is pretty elevated, so the enemies will not come during the night, so it is a safe place. This is the equivalent of retreating into the atmosphere, so a report will also be given. The Fruit must also be carried to the cave. There is also freshwater here, and it is very spacious, making it the perfect place to retreat for the night. 

Scorching Saunas

This area is where the Red Pikmin are discovered. As the name implies, it is very hot, and steam is everywhere. This will cause the edges of the screen to fog up (the pikmin count and such will be visible) making it hard to completely see your surroundings. Heat Waves are more likely to occur here than in any other areas. The hot temperatures cause most enemies to have delayed reflexes, and will be sleeping and will move slower. However, the hot temperatures will make insects like Snitchbugs and Sheargrubs to be more active. 

Placid Bog

This is a marshy area that features many watery areas. Of course much of the area involves water. However, a variety of flying enemies reside here, making it the home of the Winged Pikmin and their onion. Enemies such as Whiptongue Dandelfies and Bulky Snitchbugs reside here. The majority is water, but there are many elevated areas thanks to the broad-leaved plants here. However, as a result of the tall grasses, Arachnodes and Arachanorbs are common in this area.  

Mystical Garden

This is an area filled with crystals and the such. Half of the area is accessible to any Pikmin, but the rest is mostly water, so you'll have to come back to the area once you've gotten Blue Pikmin. This area is where you will find the Shelled Pikmin, since there are many Bomb Rocks in the area. This area is also home to many Reinforced Walls, and has quite a few pots and flowers scattered all over the place. It is thought that this place is indeed a backyard garden, but no nearby house can be seen. How many of the stone walls came to be is unknown. There is clear evidence that this was once a garden, but there are so many out of place objects and creatures here, giving it its name.

Fairwood Forest

This is a deep forest area, with many caves and such. The forest itself seems rather peaceful, but is actually home to many deadly enemies. This area is home to Snagrets, Orange Bulborbs, and other enemies you wouldn't imagine. Because of the many caves, wild Cyan Pikmin can be found here. The outskirts of the forest are home to your typical enemies, like Mamutas and Bulborbs. There is a large river running between the outskirts and the actual forest, so you'll have to deal with that first. The bridge to cross the river has some fragments outside, but the rest are in the water. What you do is you throw a captain across the halfway complete bridge, and then they will find the Blue Pikmin and their onion here.

Ideas for Pikmin: Return to the Planet (Sequel to Stranded)


Due to orders from Koppai's president, Alph, Brittany, and Charlie have to go straight to Koppai and don't have time to drop Olimar at Hocotate. However, they arange for a large SPERO to transport Olimar to Hocotate.

Olimar has left PNF-404 and is headed to Hocotate. But his children are worried as they have not heard from him in quite a while. The President keeps trying to reassure them, saying that Olimar had always returned. Though, both of them were doubtful. Samuel, Olimar's son, decides to join Hocotate Freight, and his sister, Lia, gets a job at Hocotours, a tour company (Hocotate gives tours of the nearby planets). Their plan is to get enough pokos to buy back the S.S. Dolphin, then head to PNF-404 to search for Olimar. 

During this time, Hocotate Freight expanded greatly. Due to the increase in workers, the debt was repaied easily. It now covered much of the universe, including PNF-404. Sort of. Plans were to make a station on PNF-404 itself, but Captain Olimar convinced the president to not build it as it would affect the wildlife greatly. The President then decided to build on it's moon. The Space Station soon had many workers on it and was growing into a colony.

Subsequently, Sam and Lia bought back the S.S. Dolphin. The President then ordered them to check on the Space Station. However, as this would be their first flight, and he didn't want a reapeat of Louie's incident, he sent his nephew, Joshua, with them. With help from Hocotate Freight's engineers, the Dolphin now had a large cocpit, Similar to the S.S. Drake. The 3 left for PNF-404 at once. 

On Koppai, they were facing another shortage: a lack of fuel. They went to ask Hocotate, but they didn't trust Hocotate that much after the Golden PikPik Carrots never showed up. The analyzed the planets, and the noticed PNF-404's moon recieved lots of solar energy. Alph, Brittany, and Drake head to PNF-404 to set up a solar power plant. 

As the Hocotatians arrive, they are too late. According to moon residents, a meteor struck the moon and most of the space center was destroyed. Many key components flew onto PNF-404 itself. Then, because of a lack of energy, The Koppains make an emergency landing on the moon. They had to drop the solar plant materials to land safely, and all of the parts flew onto PNF-404. The Koppaites and Hocotatians argree to help eachother and the story starts!

However, Delt, the explorer from Fuga, informs the explorers of Louie, and advises them to try to look for him. The explorers are sceptic, since Louie wasn't much of a help to Alph and Brittany, but Delt promises that Louie had helped him a lot. The explorers agree to look for him. 

In the Crystal Grotto, they defeat the Tenacious Groundchucker, and they find that Louie was being held hostange underground by the boss. Once Louie is found, he said that he is sorry and really will do anything to get off of PNF-404, because he is really starting to not like it. Even though Louie has caused them trouble in the past, they take him to the Space Station, where he helps out a lot, and eventually gains everyone's trust. 

During the Story, they capture the Plasm Wraith, the source of Olimar's troubles in Pikmin 3. Drake, the chemist, trapped it in a safe bottle, which was stored in a case on the Space Station. However, while Fox was studying it, he forgot to close the the case, and it flew onto the Dolphin. The bottle fell out, and they got a call from the station saying that there is no bottle. Sam notices that a completely new area has appeared, and Fox theorized that it was formed by the Plasm Wraith. They land here, an area they call Plasm Canyon. 

After Game

After Olimar reaches Koppai, he has to take another ship back to Hocotate. Once Olimar came home, he was very surprised that his children weren't there to greet him home. His wife later explains that they joined Hocotate Freight, and were sent to PNF-404's space station. The President recieved the bad news, but tried to keep it a secret, as it would make his buisness look bad. Olimar was very proud that his children had taken intrest in his job. 

At Koppai. Charlie noticed that a report wasn't being sent everyday. Charlie found that odd, because he knew that the explorers always flew into orbit to send a report back to Koppai, as he would have some conversations with Alph via Koppad. Delt proposed that they send a SPERO to investigate, and they were going to. Just before launch, an SOS signal came from the S.S. Drake! They knew they had to investigate, so Oscar, Sierra, and Charlie took Drake's spare ship, the S.S. Phoneix, and Headed to PNF-404. 

Olimar and the President also recieved a SOS signal from the S.S. Dolphin! The 2, along with Louie, had to get there fast! As the Ship was at the moon, they took a ship that was not complete, the S.S. Silver. They had no other choice. They had to make a landing on the moon in order to stabilize the ship and fix it. The Koppaians also stopped on the moon to see if any of the residents knew what happened. They all knew, but were too busy rebuilding the Station to go check. Louie, who has been helping at the space station and learned some mechanics, helped repair the Silverlight, thus gaining Olimar's trust once again. The Hocotations and Koppains, including Louie, once again team up to rebuild the Space Station, find the missing Solar Plant parts, and, most importantly, find the lost explorers.  

What happened was that after defeating the Man-at-Wraith, the explorers started to lift off. However, a strong gust was blowing, and acting like a vaccum, preventing them from getting into the atmosphere. (Cosmic drive can only be accessed if they are in the atmosphere). Eventually the Ships gave in, and got sucked into the lair of the Mechanical Slurker, the one who was causing the massive gust. 

The new explorers discover the same areas, due to the data on the space station. They discover all the onions, crashed in one place, with a few pikmin of each type. They also have the same Space Suit Upgrades, due to the data on Samuel's computer at the Space Station. 

Once they defeat the Mechanical Slurker, the plasm Chemical flys out and Fox captures it. They later arrange to chemically combust the Plasm chemicals so PNF-404 will not face the problem of Wraiths. After doing so, they tow the Dolphin and the Drake to the station and repair it. The explorers then part ways, and the game ends. However, it will not function as Pikmin and Pikmin 3 where you cannot play once you finish the game. 

They will have rebuilt the Space Station, but they are missing one key component to the Solar Plant. That part is found in the Nightmare Den. 

New Characters

Oscar: A biologist who was originally planned to go with Alph, Brittany, and Charile to PNF-404, but due to budget cuts, he had to stay home. Alph did send him data about the creatures on that planet. He found them very interesting, and applied for the next trip to PNF-404. However, Alph insisted his grandfather (used to be an engineer, but now a chemist) to come to study parts for any harmful chemicals, because of the Plasm Wraith incident. His time finally came when an SOS signal came from PNF-404 and he finally got to live his dream of going there. He gets easily distracted by the plant life and organisms, but can tell the player the exact weak spot of an enemy, if any. 

Sierra: Brittany's younger sister. She is a geologist that created a device for the 3 explorers to locate good Space Station Parts. She admires Captain Olimar's work. She also is known to be impatient, and gets ill-tempered when she reaches an obstacle. She has a short temper, but is very friendly otherwise. The pikmin seem to like her second, next to Captain Olimar. She is very eager on getting the day done quickly, yet successfully. She has admired her sister's journey to PNF-404 and always wanted to go, as Brittany would always tell tales of her journeys. 

Lia: Olimar's daughter (HER NAME IS NOT LIBRA!). She is concerned about growing up right, yet she likes to have fun. As a captain, she isn't always serious and will sometimes wander off and have fun, but she knows that the Space Station has many people without any shelter. She isn't good at making decisions, and most of the time, leaves them up to Samuel. She takes an intrest in zooology, and she will frequently get into trouble trying to study animals. She is a good meteorologist, and will tell the weather report of an area. She is dilligent, and always tries to work hard. 

Samuel: Olimar's son (HIS NAME IS NOT SAGGITARIUS!). He always admired his father's work as a kid, and would constantly play with his S.S. Dolphin Action Figure. He still admires his work, but he doesn't get much help from his father. Olimar is constantly on trips to PNF-404 and who knows where. As a kid, he grew up to not having his father always by his side, and that is why he joined Hocotate Freight. He thought if he could become a captain, he would spend more time with his father. Aside from that, he also takes intrest in Geography, and maps out the route to PNF-404 and the Areas by using Olimar's old map. He hopes to be a successful pilot one day like his Father.

Joshua: The president's nephew. He took care of Hocotate Freight, along with the President's wife, during his absence in Pikmin 2. He has became the Secretary, and has helped his Uncle's company from finnancial issues many times. He spends most of his time at Hocotate Freight, which he doesn't like. He likes the job, but he really wants to explore the universe. He is the most responsible of the 3 sent to PNF-404, and acts as the main Captain. This can also lead to him being doubtful of certain paths and choices, with Samuel being the one who chooses. He tries his best to stay out of trouble, but sometimes, he plays it too safe. He hopes to start a tourism buisness, where he can still be successful and still explore the universe. 

Drake: Alph's Grandfather. As the Pikmin 3 Website says, he designed the S.S. Drake. He used to be a successful mechanic, who designed many SPEROs for Koppai, which were used to identify the planets for fuel and fruit. Now, he has left his carrer of engineering to be a chemist. He went with his Grandson to PNF-404 to see if any solar plant parts were infested with harmful chemicals (AKA Plasm from Plasm Wraith). He is lazy due to his old age, but tries not to show it. For this reason, he is constantly lectured by Sierra. He acts as a leader to the Koppains, aside from Charlie. He hardly, along with Samuel, get seperated due to their knowledge of maps. 


Again, because all pikmin types might not be in, there are a LIST of areas, not a final selection. 

PNF-404 Space Station

This is the station that was desstroyed. You must visit this area to put the parts back up, and the workers will fix it. You can also visit this area to get various tips and other advice from NPCs. Time does not pass here, because it's on the moon, duh. The Onion will not land here, due to no oxygen, and will orbit the moon. 

Arid Oasis

This area is a mix of a very sandy place and a beach, similar to the Tropical Wilds. Many Quicksand traps and Creeping Sandtraps can be found here. This is where the explorers discover the Blue Pikmin and Brown Pikmin. It is the first area in the Game. Because Samuel says this map resembles the Distant Spring, he says it might be the same place, covered in sand. This is yet to be proven. 


  • Bugeyed Crawmad - Miniboss
  • Canuta - Miniboss
  • Emperor Bulblax - Boss
  • Humpback Spewer - Boss

Scalding Hot Springs

This area used to be an active volcanic hotspot, but now is home to many hot springs. One volcano still stands, where you discover the Red Pikmin. The various hot springs can heal your captains. It can also hurt them. It's a matter of chance. The Lava formed many caves, so this is also where you find Cyan Pikmin. 


  • Beady Long Legs - Miniboss
  • Fiery Bulblax - Miniboss
  • Vehemoth Phosobat - Boss
  • Calescent Serpent - Boss 

Peculiar Peaks

This area is full of elevated areas, like small mountains and trees. For this reason, this is where you discover the Yellow and Winged Pikmin. Many airborne enemies reside here, like the Scornet Maestro and Swooping Snitchbugs. There is a river at the foot of the mountains, requiring you to build many bridges in this area. There are also many climbing sticks, and most items are stuck in trees. It is also home to many snagret nests. 


  • Voltaic Snitchbug - Miniboss
  • Burrowing Snagret - Miniboss (different from old one)
  • Ranging Snagret - Boss
  • Scornet Maestro - Boss

Crystal Grotto

This area is full of crystal. Rock Pikmin are discovered in this area, obviously. This is also home to many creatures who reside in caves, like the Armored Mawdad and Canuta. The caves can flood easlily on rainy days, so some days may require Blue Pikmin. At a point, one explorer gets kidnapped by a Swift Groundsnatcher, and then explorers will discover Claw Pikmin. Once the Tenacious Groundchucker is defeated, the explorers rescue Louie, who fled the Drake before the end cutscene, and was trapped underground by the boss. 


  • Armored Cannon Beetle - Miniboss (different from old one)
  • Calcified Crusblat - Miniboss
  • Armored Mawdad - Boss
  • Tenacious Groundchucker - Boss

Mysterious Citadel

This area has many building like structures and electrical circuits. Because of this, it is thought to be an abandoned civilization. Because of the Humans, gases here are dangerous and acidic. This is where Green Pikmin are found. Yellows will be able to eventually power an AC unit to clear out the gas. In an area that resembles a demolished arena, the Behemoth Spiker is found. Since this area has many stone walls, bomb rocks, and Shelled Pkmin are also found here, after the gas is removed. It is the only area to have 3 minibosses and 3 bosses. 


  • Behemoth Charger - Miniboss
  • Man at Legs - Miniboss
  • Waterwraith - Miniboss
  • Titan Dweevil - Boss
  • Decorated Cannon Beetle - Boss
  • Plasm Spewer - Boss

Frozen Gorge

This is a elevated area that is mostly frozen over. Because of this, the Caped Pikmin are found here. They are useful for crossig the gorges. Because of high elevation, it is very windy, and Tail Pikmin are found. Without the Anchor Boots, they explorers can be blown off, and they will access a lower area, home to many buried space station parts. This is where they find White Pikmin as well. 


  • Empress Dirigibug - Miniboss
  • Hyborean Bulblax - Miniboss
  • Cyclone Blowhog - Miniboss
  • Arctic Cannon Beetle - Boss
  • Adrift Phoenix - Boss

Plasm Canyon/Shaded Canyon

This is an ordinary canyon which is usually covered in lush greenery, but it has become a desert because of the Plasm Wraith. A good thing about this is that they have encovered some parts hidden under the grass. Another thing is that Thorn Pikmin have come out of the tall grasses. Eventually, the player will make their way to a circular canyon, home to the Plasm Wraith. There is also a solar and space station part, which it consumes and morphs to become the Man-at-Wraith. This acts similar to the Man at Legs (more details to come). Once defeated, the plasm will all melt away, and Fox captures it for good. Within 2 days, the canyon returns to it's former glory, and Alph renames it Shaded Canyon. The Purple and Grey Pikmin come out then. 

With Plasm Wraith

Plasm Wraith/Man at Wraith - Boss (everything is an allusion)

Regular Bosses

  • Raging Long Legs - Miniboss
  • Cyclone Blowhog - Miniboss
  • Pileated Snagret - Boss
  • Leaping Amprat - Boss

The first group of explorers only explore the the canyon when the Plasm Wraith is in it. They only start to fight the Plasm Wraith, and only find the Thorn Pikmin. 

Wetland Woods

This area is an area with a lot of trees everywhere, thus making it very easy for enemies like Bulbears to sneak up on you. There is a giant tree in the middle which basically acts like a different area since it is so different. The woods are very damp, but are home to a variety of creatures. This area is discovered by the 2nd group of explorers, since the others were kidnapped. This area is home to a lot of mud as well. It has a very fast river flowing down at the start of the woods near the base, and a bridge must be built to access the main area. 


  • Sultan Arachnode - Miniboss
  • Discrete Blowhog - Miniboss
  • Segmented Crawbster - Boss
  • Quaggled Mireclops - Boss 

Sandy Shores

This area is a beach area, with aquatic and semi aquatic creatures near the shore, and Diverse life deeper inland. The land site is a small island, and you have to build a bridge over to the mainland. You can see some beach chairs and unbrellas on the shore. There is a section of the area which is very deep underwater, and is thus accessible only by Blue Pikmin. This is the only area home to many Bloysters. 


  • Shaggy Long Legs - Miniboss
  • Ranging Bloyster - Miniboss
  • Empress Bulblax - Boss
  • Emperor Meerslug - Boss

Submerged Palace

This area got its name because in the center of the area is a "city" similar to the Mysterious Citadel in a large pond. In the center, there is a giant drain that can remove ALL water, making the area accesible to all Pikmin types. In a way, it is sort of like the Submerged Castle. The Maze will eventually sink into the ground and reveal a giant building. Inside the Giant Building is a mini Waterwraith, controlling the traps and mechanisms. He is the only boss inside the building, but has many enemies waiting for you. They capture him too and put him in a bottle at the Space Station. Other than that, this is a standard area, similar to the Garden of Hope.


  • Giant Breadbug - Miniboss
  • Hutterchuck - Miniboss
  • Tailed Wollywog - Boss
  • Colossal Pik Trap - Boss

Subterranean Labyrinth

This area was a construction site for a underground tunnel, but was abandoned, thus making a maze underground. The end of the maze is above ground guarded by the landing site, but is blocked off be an ENORMOUS cinderblock, making the only way to it through the maze. 


  • Sandstorm Blowhog - Miniboss
  • Subterranean Bulblax - Miniboss
  • Burrowing Meerslug - Boss
  • Ternary Snagret - Boss

Terminal Tower

This is the final area of the game. The land site is at the top, and then the explorers go into this cave. The cave starts to collapse, so the explorers rush through the cave. The ships float near the bottom, so going back is never an option. Eventually they make it out to find the Mechanical Slurker. They then defeat it and go home! 


  • Mechanical Slurker - FINAL BOSS

Nightmare Den

This area is just an extra area to really test your skills, as it has one space station part, but has practically every enemy. If you take too many days to get that part, more and more enemies will spawn. It is by far the largest area in the Pikmin world. The part is in the center, but there is only one path down, which is through all the enemies. Pikmin used to live here, but went extinct once all the enemies killed them. It's up to how you control your Pikmin in order to get that last part! This area is home to EVERY enemy in the Pikmin series, no joke. All the bosses in all games, all enemies, they are all here.

The 2nd to last boss is the Mechanical Slurker. However, once killed, the slurker will explode, revealing a Wraith. The wraith will then absorb the space station part and every corpse in the area (you are unable to carry back corpses here), and will transform into the Ultima Wraith. This is just like the Man-at-Wraith, but it can eat pikmin as fast as the plasm wraith, spit out cubes that transform into other enemies, and even transform into other bosses! It is truly one forboding foe. 


Pikmin Types

All types of pikmin will be in the story mode. This is just a list, meaning not all pikmin will be in the final game. 

Old Pikmin

Red Pikmin:

  • Ability: Smarter
  • Attack: 1.5
  • Mobility: Average
  • Immunity: Fire
  • Carry Strength: 1
  • Note: Their nose causes extra damage, and helps them breathe throuhg fire. Smarter meaning that if idle or carrying back objects, they will try their best to stay away from enemies.  

Yellow Pikmin: 

  • Ability: Conduct Electricity, Thrown Higher
  • Attack: 1
  • Mobility: Average
  • Immunity: Electricity
  • Carry Strength: 1
  • Note: Electricity can now kill pikmin making it more of a hazard. 

Blue Pikmin

  • Ability: Live underwater
  • Attack: 1
  • Mobility: Average
  • Immunity: Water
  • Carry Strength: 1
  • Note: They have gills to survive underwater. 

White Pikmin

  • Ability: Dig Buried Items, Dig Faster, Poisons enemies
  • Attack: 0.75
  • Mobility: Fast
  • Immunity: Poision
  • Carry Strength: 1
  • Note: Poision enemies. Are the 2nd Best Diggers. 

Purple Pikmin

  • Ability: 10 times strength and weight
  • Attack: 1.5 + Impact Damage 
  • Immunity: Deflowering
  • Carry Strength: 10
  • Note: Cannot Stun enemies. They have larger flowers immunizing them from Deflowering. They have the same strength as Red Pikmin, but give slight impact damage when thrown on an enemy. (Idea by L3re7z)

Rock Pikmin

  • Ability: Crush Crystal
  • Attack: 1 (2 if thrown)
  • Immuntiy: Blunt Force
  • Carry Strength: 1
  • Note: Have chunky exteriors to protect them. 

Winged Pikmin

  • Ability: Flight
  • Attack: 0.75
  • Immunity: Ground Attacks
  • Carry strength: 1
  • Note: Flight Makes them able to cross gaps. 

New Pikmin

Shelled Pikmin:

  • Ability: Carry bomb rocks 
  • Attack: average
  • Mobility: average, slow when carrying bomb rocks
  • Immuntiy: Explosions
  • Carry strength: 1
  • Notes: When ordered to swarm, they go into their shells and roll at the thing being scanned

Tail Pikmin: 

  • Ability: Can be thrown further
  • Attack: 1.25
  • Mobility: average
  • Immuntiy: Wind Attacks (Puffy blowhog, Vehemoth Phosobat, ect. Purple Pikmin will just have the strength feature)
  • Carry strength: 3
  • Notes: They have tails, and the tails go into the ground during wind attacks, keeping them grounded. When thrown to ledges, they can use their tails to reach up to it. Tails hit the enemy every time its head hits, adding extra damage. 

Brown Pikmin:

  • Ability: Not easily shaken off, Climb Walls
  • Attack: 0.75
  • Mobility: Fast
  • Immuntiy: Quicksand/Mud Traps (See Below)
  • Carry strength: 1
  • Notes: They have sticky hands, so they attach to enemies and can climb certain walls. Captains wll get a powerup to climb walls as well. 

Cyan Pikmin:

  • Ability: Excellent in dark caves and night (see below)
  • Attack: 1 (1.5 in darkness)
  • Mobility: average (fast in darkness)
  • Immunity: None
  • Carry strength: 1 (3 in darkness)
  • Notes: Can light up dark areas. If 100 are in the dark area, it is completely illuminated. Stats are boosted in darkness.

Claw Pikmin:

  • Ability: Digging underground tunnels.
  • Attack: 1.25
  • Mobility: Average
  • Immunity: Tar traps (see below)
  • Carry strength: 1
  • Notes: Have small claws allowing them to dig. Claws also add slight damage. 

Grey Pikmin: 

  • Ability: Can Jump and Throw Items
  • Attack: Average
  • Mobility: Average
  • Immunity: Ice
  • Carry Strength: 1
  • Notes: If there is an obstace on the path to the onion or ship, they can throw it over, and can glide over to it using it's flying squirrel like wings. They cannot fly, like Winged Pikmin. The Cape also provides warmth, protecting them from Ice attacks.

Thorn Pikmin:

  • Ability: Less likely to be eaten. 
  • Attack: 1.5
  • Mobility: Average
  • Immunity: Thorns
  • Carry Strength: 1
  • Notes: They have thorns on stems, so that adds damage. They can break down thorn walls. Other pikmin can not touch thorny plants or structures. If they do, they will be thrown back, as if they were hit by an electric attack. 

Green Pikmin:

  • Ability: More efficent at tasks. 
  • Attack: Average
  • Mobility: Fast
  • Immunity: Acids
  • Carry Strength: 1
  • Notes: They are similar to White Pikmin in appearance, but are immune to Acids. They can build bridges and collect objects faster than other types of pikmin. 

Revamped Enemies

These are old enemies that are changed from their past form. 

Armored Cannon Beetle 

The Armored Cannon Beetle will be VERY different than it's Pikmin form. To start, the player will stand on a giant crystal. Then the ACB falls from the sky, smashing the entire crystal, forcing the explorers to go down. The ACB rears up and the fight begins. It has a few new attacks up its... exoskeleton, I guess. It now can fire Boulders in rapid succession, making it harder if one does not have rock pikmin. It now has the ability to fly, and by ramming the wall while flying, it can cause boulders and crystal nodules raining down. Instead of having to clog it's blowhole, you now need to use rock pikmin to smash it's back in order to get some real damage on it. There are a few ways of doing it. When it is flying, you can swarm it with Winged Pikmin while it is flying, and it will fall. Another tactic is to use Bomb Rocks, but it is very tricky to get around it, as it constantly faces you. Another way is to split up in groups, but this is risky, because the other group may be in danger. The last way is to use shells to stun it, which is most affective. You then attack the backside with any Pikmin, and just repeat! 

Burrowing Snagret

For once, the Burrowing Snagret, after a long time, will actually be semi-difficult! It now has a few more defense mechanisims! It can trick you by coming out in one location, and quickly moving away. It can also defend against Winged Pikmin more easily by swinging it's head around. It can also jump out and move across the arena, and then go back into the ground, sort of like it is a dolphin. 

New Enemy Ideas

Creeping Sandtrap

This enemy acts similar to a creeping crysanthemum, but it is in the sand. It will creat a quicksand pit to suck in Pikmin, up to 5 at a time. You need to find the eyes and attack them, then it will get stuned and come to the surface. Repeat until defeated. Weighs 6 pikmin and provides a good 10 seeds. In forest areas, they are found in mud as well.


This enemy is a relative of the Mamuta and is a boss. It tries to throw a captain, then proceeds to eat pikmin. You need to order your black pikmin to dig under it, causing it to get stunned. It is recommended to throw brown pikmin next, as it will frequently try to shake them off, giving you more chance to attack. It can also pound pikmin into the ground like mamutas, but will revert them back to leaves. Weighs 10 pikmin and is worth 15 seeds. 

Yellow/Blue Bulborb aka "Ballborb"

This is based off of the Creepty Beeb enemies from Pikmin Adventure. Unlike most bulborbs, it will turn into a ball and charge at prey full speed. They are blue in color. Dwarf ones only plant pikmin, but Adults can crush pikmin. Yellow variations that home in on pikmin also exist. Throwing Rock Pikmin while it is rolling will cause it to stop, but will take multiple hits. If they roll long enough they will get dizzy and stay dazed for 5 seconds. If they run into a wall, they will briefly stop and quickly resume rolling. They weigh 10 pikmin (dwarves 3) and give 7 seeds (dwarves 4 seeds).

Ranging Snagret

This creature is a snagret that can fly. It still keeps its reptillian torso, but has scaly wings. It spwans baby snagrets to attack you, and will try to pop up out of the ground right below you. It also can order it's babies to try and kidnap you while it eats your pikmin. Once you defeat the babies, repeatedly throw Winged Pikmin at it. Weighs 10 pikmin and gives 18 seeds.

Swift Groundsnatcher

This creature is an overgrown mole. It will pop up out of the ground, quickly grab up to 3 pikmin, and run back into it's hole. Order Black Pikmin to swarm it, as they will follow the creature, and eventually kick it out of it's tunnels. Proceed to swarm it, and it will die. Weighs 5 Pikmin and gives 7 seeds. It is a relative of the Hermit Crawmad. 

Mechanical Slurker 

This is the final boss. A chunck of the meteor, which was filled with various chemicals, hit an ordinary Medusal Slurker. The machine parts and chemicals made it morph into the Mechanical Slurker. It is usually harmless, but thanks to the Plasm Wraith's chemicals, it had messed up it's mind. It's attacks are based off of various elements. It's eyes will turn into lazers and create a wall of fire wherever it hits. It will drop a small orb. Attack that to destroy the fire. It will use it's little ball on it's head to fire an electrical lazer at you. It can also suck in water, then pour it on your squad to make them suffocate. It will drop onto one side of the field, and roll around to crush pikmin. You get the idea. Once defeated, It will crash into a rock, revealing a cave where the lost explorers were kidnapped. 

Hyperactive Skitter Leaf

This is a Skitter Leaf that is much more hyper. It can eat pikmin, and it jumps around, while also running faster. It can grab 3 Pikmin at a time. Once it grabs them, it will jump back quickly, so the easiest way to kill it is to thow a pikmin on it before it wakes up. Weighs one pikmin and gives 3 seeds.

Creeping Waterlily

This enemy appears to be a lilypad, but can be distinguished by it's long tail. If pikmin stand on it, it will snap the lilypad close, eating 5 pikmin and throwing the rest into the water. The easiest way to defeat it is to throw Blue Pikmin onto it's tail. Winged Pikmin can also be used to pull it out of the water. Either way, Blue Pikmin are needed. It's body will explode and the Lilypad will shrink, which can then be brought to the Onion. It weighs 3 pikmin and gives 7 seeds. 

Bulky Snitchbug

This Snitchbug resembles the Bumbling Snitchbug. It functions the same, but will throw the pikmin into the ground, making it act as a Crushing Hazard. Because of it's bulky "hands", it can also grab items of a weight from 1-3. It also flies around a certain area, and is not limited to a certain radius. It floats in the air longer, and can easily be brought down with Winged Pikmin. Weighs 4 Pikmin and gives 7 seeds. 

Whiptounge Dandefly

This Dandefly uses it's tounge to absorb the nectar from Pikmin and revert them back to leaves. It cannot harm your pikmin but will keep them hostage until you defeat it. The nectar segments will have Pikmin inside them, trapped. Once defeated, it will drop the Pikmin and some of the Nectar, but will quickly fly off with the rest. 

Behemoth Spiker

This is based off of an armadillo. It is a miniboss. It is found in caves and will charge at you very quickly. If it runs into a wall, it flips over and you can hit it's weak spot. Before you can do that, you need to order Thorn Pikmin to tear off it's spines. The Spines are it's way of eating. He can extend them quite a distance and Pikmin will be thrown back. He will then proceed to eat them. Weighs 15 pikmin and gives 25 seeds. 

Chilly Blowhog

This is a relative of the airborne Blowhogs and will blow icy wind at you. Caped Pikmin are immune to this. Should it happen to be weighed down into the abyss, it will eventually float up to the top in a few minutes. When defeated, it's body flattens and weighs 2 pikmin, gives 10 seeds. 

Humpback Spewer

At first, it may look like a rock with a few Flukeweeds and some geysers on it. But if the Winged Pikmin lift the Flukeweeds, you will flip over this massive whale. If you take a while to kill it, it will make a massive flip, crushing anything under it besides Rock Pikmin. It's other attacks are it can lash out it's tounge to eat 10 pikmin at a time. Takes 20 Pikmin to carry and gives 15 seeds. The thing that makes it special is that it has a LOT of health. The way to defeat it is to order the winged pikmin to pull off the flukeweeds on it. Once all are gone, you an attack it. 

Plasm Spewer

This spewer is an illusion created by the Plasm Wraith. As a result, it will spew plasm that forms other enemies. It can also make massive geysers to throw the Pikmin into the air. When they land, it will pursue to eat the pikmin. The way to defeat it is to throw bombs into it's blowhole, which will then get clogged and will flip him over. He will struggle around, then throw more Plasm over the place, and it will form a bunch of fire enemies. Once defeated, the Plasm will try to get away, but Fox sprays a chemical on it to prevent it from moving, and fills it in a bottle, where it's powers have no affect. You can then carry him back for 50 pikmin. 


This is the Plasm Wraith after consuming a solar plant part and a Space Station Part. This allows it to have one arm to shoot various elements. The machine gun feature will kill any pikmin (aside shelled) instantly, so Shelled Pikmin are very useful. It can also suck in Pikmin to eat it. It has a new weakness, which is that it can only eat 5 pikmin at a time, and it also eats much slower. Its machine gun will shoot out those cubes as well. It can also shoot rocks into the sky and they will come raining down. Once defeated, it will release 3 cubes, one has a solar part, another has a station part, and one has a 30 Rainbow Pellet. Fox then captures it and seals it away on the Space Station. 

Rainbow Pellet

This pelled will be rainbow colored. By taking it back, the player will get 30 of whatever pikmin they desire. Bosses that don't have a corpse will drop these. 

Wraiths and Wreaps

These are general Waterwraith-like creatures. They are found by liquids, like Water or Lava. Some may require a certain pikmin to kill. A wraith found near lava may require Red Pikmin to take out. Wraiths are about the height of a Bulborb, maybe a little smaller. Wreaps are mini Wraiths and are a little shorter than Dweevils. 


This is a large relative of the Skutterchuck. It has a huge crystal nodule on its back and is indestructable with Rock Pikmin.  It has 3 attacks. The first attack is that it will lift its whole body into the air, and come towards the player, and come smashing down. This will cause the large crystal nodule to break into several pieces. It will then throw these pieces into the air and cause it to rain rocks. Afterward, it will have no attack to do, and will try to charge at the player. He will get dazed, at which point he is vulnerable. After being dazed for a while, he will go back underground, and will come back up with the large crystal nodule on his back. Weighs 15 pikmin and gives 30 seeds. 

Tenacious Groundchukcer

This is a large mole capable of throwing large rocks at the player. It has kidnapped Louie in Pikmin: Return to the Planet. Instead of burrowing underground, it rams into the player (similar to Major Burrows from the Galaxy Games). It can make pits with the rocks it throws, making the arena similar to that of the Sandbelching Meerslug. It's rocks can either plant pikmin, crush pikmin, or simply knock back pikmin. Tan rocks will throw pikmin back, light brown rocks will plant pikmin (which it can eat), and Dark/Normal rocks will crush pikmin. Since it can dig away quickly after you try to attack it, you must order the Claw Pikmin to dig after it. 

Space Suit Upgrades

Scorch Guard: Allows the space suit to withstand fire and slowly walk through lava. 

Anti-Electrifier: Allows the space suit to withstand Electricity.

Dodge Whistle: Allows the explorer to use the Dodge Feature

Metal Suit Z: Allows the explorers to withstand more hits before being downed. 

Anchor Boots: Allows the explorers to withstand strong winds. 

Mega Tweeter: Increases the range and the diameter of the Whistle. 

Tar Trudger: Explorers can walk through tar at normal speed. 

Scaling Suit: Allows explorers to climb walls. 

Chemical Sheild: Allows players to walk through acid without being harmed. 

Aerial Assistant: Grants Players a Jet Pack Ability used to cross gaps. Can only go a certain distance before turning off. 

Molten Mask: Allows them to walk through lava full speed. 

New Concepts

Playing After Sunset: You can now play after sunset. Be warned, as all enemies will be awake and patroling the map. Pikmin stats are lowered at night and they trip more often. Cyan Pikmin, on the other hand, provide light due to a bioluminesence chemical in their body. All stats are boosted at night and dark caves for Cyan Pikmin. Playing at sunset is only recomended if you need to carry back a few things quickly. You may enter your ship at any time during night.

Alpha Pikmin: For each type of pikmin, there is a Alpha pikmin. The Alpha Pikmin acts as a semi captain. When they are idle, and if there is danger ahead, the Alpha Pikmin will use it's antennae to create a whistle sound to lead the pikmin to a safer place. It cannot throw pikmin, only acts as a body guards.

Shells: These are based off the rocks in Pikmin Adventure. They are used to destroy walls made of Pebbles. Any type of Pikmin can carry Shells. They are typically found in small cave like areas, about as big as the tin cans in Pikmin. Bomb Rocks can also break Pebble Walls faster, but are found later in the game. Shelled Pikmin can also break this, but can take longer. 

Bosses: There will now be multiple bosses per area. They can drop either Space Station parts or Solar Plant parts. 

Captains: Though there are 6 captains, you can only play as 4 per day. 2 will stay at the Space Station. 

Weathers: Weathers will play a bigger role in the game. So far, I have these weathers in mind:

  • Wind: Pikmin will walk slower when running against wind and faster when running with wind. Strong gusts can throw off pikmin and deflower them. Winged Pikmin are at a disadvantage. Brown Pikmin are not affected.
  • Rain: Can make water levels rise slightly, and can make small puddles. Blue Pikmin are slightly powered up. Drizzles from Pikmin 3 are different, and have no affect on the area. 
  • Snow/Blizzard: Snow can cause Pikmin to freeze more often. Caped Pikmin are powered up. After snow, the regular terrain can be a little icy, allowing for some ice physics. 
  • Hail: Hail is a rare weather. It has no major affect, but occasionaly, a large hailstone will fall, potentially crushing pikmin or enemies. 
  • Lightning Storm: Lightning will occasionly strike and can paralyze pikmin. Stronger jolts can kill pikmin on the spot, but they are very rare. Yellows are powered up. 
  • Heat Wave: It is hotter than most days. Red Pikmin recieve a slight boost. Pikmin other than reds may occasionally catch on fire.
  • Cloudy/Fog: On cloudy days, it is simply darker than usual during the day. Fog usually occurs after rain, and it will make the corners of the screen fog up. Also, vision is limited. It will always be steamy in Scalding Hot Springs, which is pretty similar to fog. 
  • VERY RARE WEATHERS: These weathers are EXTREMELY rare. Rarer than encountering a Shiny Pokemon xD.
    • Severe Storms: A rare weather, Severe Storms include, but are not limited to, Tornadoes and Hurricanes. The area will be inaccessable if a severe storm is taking place. After a Severe storm, the area could appear slightly different, and some enemies will not appear. Sometimes, the area will be inaccessable for days. 
    • Drought: All water has dried up. All areas are accessible, and water enemies will be found flopping around. Afterward, it will rain, and the level will return to normal. 
    • Wildfire: The area can catch on fire very easily. More common on Pacific Savanna, but still very rare. 
    • Earthquake/Landslide: The area will have much of the terrain demolished, but it all depends on the magnitude of the EQ/ Power of the landslide. Sometimes, the area will be inaccessable for many days. 

Pikmin Count: Since there are more pikmin types, The amount of pikmin on the field has been increased to 250. However, large numbers attrack more enemies, so be wary.   


Ultra Spicy Spray/Nectar: Increases pikmin attack and attack speed by 0.5. 

Ultra Salty Spray/Nectar: Acts as an enemy repellent. Once an enemy is agitated, it will then pursue to attack. 

Ultra Bitter Spray/Nectar: Causes the enemy to recoil. Does not work on an undisturbed enemy. 

Ultra Sweet Spray/Nectar: Increases pikmin mobility by 0.5. Useful for gathering things an a short amount of time. 

New Hazards

Tar: Tar is a liquid in which any pikmin enter will be stuck or walk extremely slow. By throwing a black pikmin, they can save them, but wistiling also works. Claw Pikmin can move through tar with ease. Captains will eventually get a powerup to prevent them from slowing down in tar. Winged Pikmin can also fly over tar. 

Quicksand/Mud: This is similar to tar, but pikmin are drawn in. Brown Pikmin are immune to these. Leaf stage pikmin are less likely to escape. Purple and Rock Pikmin are easily pulled in. Winged Pikmin are not immune to this, as the quicksand pit spews dust in the air which grounds them. In forest like areas, this is replaced with mud, but is the same thing.

Ice: This is a hazard found in cold caves and some outside areas. it doesn't take effect in areas where the sun is out, only in caves and high mountains. If Pikmin aside from caped pikmin stay in cold too long, they will become frozen, and can eventually die. Some enemies can freeze pikmin. Icicles can fall on pikmin stems, and also suffocate them. Caped Pikmin are used to living in cold, so they are not affected by this. Attacking a frozen Pikmin will thaw them out. If they can't be thawed out, a Pikmin will carry the frozen Pikmin outside. 

Acids: Acids come in 2 forms: Gas and Liquid. Gas form is similar to poision except it kills pikmin faster. It can usually be seen coming from some source, like a small crack in the wall. Green Pikmin can destroy these. If it is not coming from any source, there will be some sort of Fan Mechanism that Yellow Pikmin must turn on. Puffy Blowhogs can also blow acidic gas. In Liquid form, any pikmin that touches it will be stuck for 4 seconds, then they will die. Green Pikmin can throw them to safety, but whistiling also works. Usually there is some sort of way to drain the acid, or at least some way to get over it. 

Lava: A Hazard where Red Pikmin are immune and Winged Pikmin can fly over. However, if captains do not have the Scorch Guard and the Molten Mask, they cannot enter lava terrain without being injured. Only certain creatures live in the Lava Terrain, and most are hidden. 


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