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Pikmin 2 artwork showing some Pikmin carrying treasures across a table. A tabby cat appears in the background.
What will the future of the Pikmin be?

About me

My name is Joshua, but I prefer Josh, I come from the PAL regions (UK). My Pikmin 3 ideas related to: Pikmin, Enemies, Hazards and Sprays are here. Pikmin 3 Area/Plot ideas; here.

I'm a massive fan of art and video games, and do both in my spare time, I have an intrest in japanese culture and can speak some as well along with french and a bit of spanish. I also like astronomy, such as outer space and class myself as a amateur astronomer. I did a IQ on the internet and it said I have an IQ of 121.


  • Edit more in the mainspace.
  • Improve ship part articles.
  • Become more active on this wikia.
  • Become good at SSBB.


<youtube width="330" height="330">XPhCkFr013I</youtube> <poll> So, how many Dwarf Red Bulborbs are there? 30-40 41-50 61 and over ?? (Uncountable) </poll>


Thanks to User:Crystal lucario for making my sig and User:Snakeboss14 for my friend userbox!


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if you are my friend

Brawl wise i'll happily brawl anyone, im not that good, and I played it was over 6 months ago, so... Im more active 3-7:00pm UK time, which is around 10-11:00am/12:00pm for NA. So americans, I can't brawl in you're afternoon, as it's my night for me and that's the same the other way around. My friend code is in the userbox section; if you have brawl use this to display you're code and mains.


  • My Sig (Crystal Lucario made this):RWAR! ~JOSHAGozira.pngZILLA!!!~ AND IMAFIRINMAHLAZOR!!!


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