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Seeds are newborn Pikmin and are ejected from Onions or Candypop Buds. When touching the ground, these seeds will turn into sprouts, which the player can pluck. Pikmin that are buried or in seed state count in the 100 Pikmin limit.

Some Pikmin sprouts.

Pikmin seed

A Pikmin seed can be produced in several ways:

  • When the player discovers an Onion, the latter will produce a Pikmin seed.
  • When a Pikmin extinction occurs, the Onion of the concerned type will eject a seed.
  • When retrieving dead enemies or pellets to an Onion, it will then produce a certain number of seeds.
  • When throwing Pikmin into Candypop buds, the latter will turn them into seeds again.

In Pikmin 3, seeds are also slightly different depending on the Pikmin type. Winged Pikmin seeds have stripes and are slightly smaller. White Pikmin seeds are also smaller. Purple Pikmin seeds are also slightly bigger, and Rock Pikmin seeds look like rocks.

Pikmin sprout

After a seed has touched the ground, it will transform into a sprout. While it is almost an immediate process in Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3, it takes roughly seven seconds in Pikmin. The player can also choose to leave Pikmin sprouts buried so that they can evolve into bud or flower Pikmin. Some enemies are able to turn Pikmin into sprouts:

Moreover, in 2-Player Battle, using an ultra-bitter spray on the opponent's Pikmin will bury them for some time.

In a cave, if some of the player's Pikmin are buried, the player will be warned when trying to leave the sublevel: if the player leaves without plucking those Pikmin, they will be lost. If all of the player's Pikmin are buried, however, the player will not be able to proceed to the next sublevel or leave the cave.


Plucking is a mechanic that allows the leaders to uproot a Pikmin sprout. Pressing A while close to a sprout will uproot the Pikmin. In Pikmin, the Smoky Progg is also able to uproot nearby Pikmin by performing an attack. In Pikmin 2, if the player collects the Amplified Amplifier, they can also use their whistle to uproot Pikmin.

Special properties

Pikmin seeds and sprouts have different properties from other Pikmin:

  • They are almost invincible in these states:
    • A Smoky Progg can still uproot a Pikmin sprout.
    • A Sandbelching Meerslug can create sinkholes to bring Pikmin down to its mouth, allowing it to eat buried Pikmin.
  • Pikmin sprouts will survive at night, unlike the other Pikmin.
    • In Pikmin 3, they also evolve directly into flowers the day after.


  • In Pikmin , there is a glitch that makes some seeds have buds or flowers. This was corrected in the subsequent games.
  • In Pikmin 2, if there are 99 Pikmin buried in the same area or sublevel, then it will impossible for a Swooping Snitchbug or a Mamuta to bury the 100th Pikmin. That Pikmin will simply get knocked back (in the case of a Mamuta)[1] or stay idle (in the case of a Swooping Snitchbug)[2]. Attempting to get 100 seeds via delivering items to an Onion is possible, though. To do this, one Pikmin must deliver a corpse to an Onion while 99 Pikmin are buried. Then, by ordering that Pikmin to go inside the Onion or ship, the Pikmin will be able to get inside before the seeds are ejected.
  • In Pikmin 3, more precisely in Bingo Battle, the Onions can produce White and Purple Pikmin seeds by having a +5 Pikmin power up. This will only works if the level contains White and Purple Pikmin.


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