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Sparklium (キラキラエネルギー?) is the fuel used to power the S.S. Dolphin II in Hey! Pikmin. When Captain Olimar crashes on the planet introduced in Hey! Pikmin, the S.S. Dolphin II informs him that it has lost the entirety of its fuel and that they need to recover 30,000 Sparklium in order for the ship to become fully functional. The most Sparklium can be found in treasures, but Sparklium is more abundant in the form of Sparklium Seeds. Additionally, crystals that yield Sparklium can be found in the Sparklium Springs.

Sparklium is also used by the ship to provide Olimar with upgrades, which get unlocked after certain levels of Sparklium are collected. A list of upgrades can be found here.

Sparklium Seed[edit]

Sparklium Seeds are seeds that resemble small acorns, and are sources of Sparklium. They come in three varieties:

  1. Yellow Sparklium Seeds. These are the smallest and most common variety, and they are worth Sparklium icon.png × 1 each.
  2. Red Sparklium Seeds. The red variety is larger than its goldish cousin, and each one is worth Sparklium icon.png × 5 each.
  3. Rainbow Sparklium Seeds. This colorful seed is by far the largest of the three. Each one slightly larger than Olimar himself. These replace treasures that have already been collected when an area is replayed. Each one is worth Sparklium icon.png × 50.

Sparklium Seeds are collected by having Captain Olimar or a Pikmin in the group touch them. They can be found out in the open, either at ground level, or floating in the air, which more often than not, requires the player to throw a Pikmin at them to retrieve them. Thrown Pikmin that touch seeds will grab them and carry them to Olimar – carried seeds can only be collected once Olimar touches them. Seeds can also come out of defeated enemies, large golden flowers, or from holes plugged by vines. They can also be found buried, like some treasures.


Names in other languages[edit]


Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese キラキラエネルギー?
Sparkling energy Can also be used in its shortform キラ
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Spranklium From sprankje, glimmer
Flag of France.svg French Lumium From lumière, light
Flag of Germany.svg German Glitzerium From Glitzer, spangle
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Luminium From lume, light
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 반짝반짝 에너지가
banjjagbanjjag eneojiga
Sparkling energy Can also be used in its shortform 반짝
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Lustronio From lustar, to polish

Sparklium Seed

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese キラのみ?
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Sprankliumzaad Sparklium Seed
Flag of France.svg French Graine de lumium Sparklium Seed
Flag of Germany.svg German Glitzernuss Spangle nut
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Grano di luminum Sparklium Seed
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Brote de lustronio Sparklium Seed
Flag of Russia.svg Russian Сияющий семя
Siyayushchiy semya
Shining seed Name taken from the Hey! Pikmin website
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Semínek Sparklia Sparklium Seed Name taken from Hey! Pikmin release trailer
Flag of Hungary.svg Hungarian Sparklium mag Sparklium seed Name taken from Hey! Pikmin release trailer


  • Sparklium Seeds cannot be destroyed by the explosion of a bomb rock.

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