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Sun-Speckled Terrace

Ancient Arches

  • 8 Albino Dwarf Bulborbs are near the Meandering Slope, and cannot be pre-emptively defeated without opening access to it. They can still reach the Lumiknoll.
  • The Bulborb is near the Crackling Cauldron, and cannot reach the Lumiknoll unless either the dirt wall is broken or the paper bag is pushed down.

Rugged Scaffold

  • The Jumbo Bulborb is on top of the Meandering Slope. It cannot be reached unless the path up is open, but can climb down.
  • One Bulborb is found near the Ancient Arches. It must go around a long route if the bridge near Hectic Hollows hasn't been open, but has a good route.
  • One Bulborb is near the overworld Flarlic. It has a long route unless the pot plant has been uprooted, or the clipboard has been dropped. It's shorter, but still slightly inconvenient, if Crackling Cauldron is not open. (This Bulborb is the first to be attracted to the Lumiknoll.)

Meandering Plateau

  • The dirt mound of Bulborb Larvae near the Crackling Cauldron cannot be dug up if the dirt wall is not broken or the bag lowered, and the Larvae will not attempt to approach the Lumiknoll.

Blossoming Arcadia

Fragrant Ravine

  • Two Desiccated Skitter Leaves and a Joustmite are found on the west side of the area, where the Burrowing Snagret is in the daytime. They cannot reach the Lumiknoll unless the bridge near Sunwashed Plateau has been built, at least, although the potted plant gives them a much shorter route.
  • If the bridge to Misshapen Pond has not been built, Joustmites will go around underneath the path to the Kingdom of Beasts to reach the Lumiknoll. Desiccated Skitter Leaves will choose to swim, however.

Sunwashed Plateau

  • Four Desiccated Skiter Leaves and a Joustmite cannot reach the Lumiknoll unless the bridge near the Sunwashed Plateau has been built.
  • The Joustmite near the Drafty Gallery cannot drop down without the paper bag being pushed down. It may take a longer route if the bridge to the Dandori Battle Arena is built, the one between Fragrant Ravine and Misshapen Pond is built, and the electric gate is broken.
  • Two Desiccated Skitter Leaves are nearer Misshapen Pond than the desert area east of the Lumiknoll. They must go through the water if the electric gate isn't broken. The same is true of three Desiccated Skitter Leaves near the Dandori Battle Arena.
  • The Joustmite near the Beagle may try to avoid the sprinkler, but the other route is almost just as fast.

Misshapen Pond

  • Three Joustmites cannot reach the Lumiknolls unless the electric gate is broken. A long alternate route may be possible, but would likely require all other obstacles be broken.
  • Two Tusked Blowhogs cannot reach the Lumiknoll unless the bridge to Fragrant Ravine is built.
  • The Joustmite on top of the plateau with the Mamuta can come down on its own, but cannot be pre-emptively attacked without the paper bag pushed down.
  • None of the Glow Pellets near these enemies can be collected, the Glow Pikmin cannot go up the small lip that allows the captain and Oatchi to travel to these areas.

Serene Shores

Blossoming Dunes

  • The potted plant provides a good route for the enemies north of the Lumiknoll, but they can all go around to the east.

Water's Edge

  • The Toady Bloyster in the east water cannot reach the Lumiknolls unless one of the routes has been built.
  • The two Whiptongue Bulborbs on the Engulfed Castle's ledge cannot reach the Blue Lumiknoll unless the paper bag has been pushed down, but will climb down to reach the Orange Lumiknoll around the Subzero Sauna exit.

The Sand Keep

  • The Water Dumples near the Blue Onion's site will not approach if the climbing wall has not been built.

Hero's Hideaway

Stargazer's Spot

  • The Blue Lumiknoll is complete inaccessible if the bookend leading up to it hasn't been knocked down. All enemies can stillr each the Orange Lumiknoll, though.

Feasting Center

  • The five Shearwigs on the counter cannot be reached unless the box has been pushed to climb up at some point, although they will drop down otherwise.
  • The three Shearwigs and three Frosty Bulborbs on the bottom floor cannot reach the Lumiknoll. They will turn aggressive if you trigger the Tricknoll they can reach, at which point they will revert to their docile behaviour. They will retain their glowing red eyes, however.

Foot of the Stairs

  • Although the egg may not be pre-emptively destroyed if the path to the top of the stairs has not been built, the Smoky Progg will still hatch and proceed to the Lumiknoll.

Giant's Hearth

Line of Logs

  • If no paths have been created, enemies will approach the Lumiknolls from a drop-down near the clay mound.
  • The Pyroclasmic Slooches in the south will burn down dried plants to reach the Lumiknoll, and may wander nearby in their idle state.
  • The Fiery Bulblax in the north will walk through running sprinklers. This will douse them, but not stop them.

Abandoned Hearth

  • The Desiccated Skitter Leaves near the Line of Logs landing site cannot reach the Lumiknoll unless a clear route has been built.

Primordial Thicket

Sylvan Gate

  • While the Smoky Proggs will hatch and approach the Lumiknolls, destroying Spotcaps on the way, other enemies will refuse to approach the Lumiknoll over sticky mold. Only the initial Bulborb Larvae will care about the Lumiknoll by default.

Autumnal Gully

  • A similar story happens here. Only the Moldy Slooches and Dwarf Bulborbs immediately near the Lumiknolls take notice among the smaller enemies, especially if the dirt wall is not built. The Smoky Proggs and Baldy Long Legs will ignore sticky mold, although the Baldy Long Legs does not encounter any mold either way.
  • The Smoky Progg will respect dirt walls.