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After debt repayment

"Mr. President! You've arrived! My scans indicate that this planet is still heavily laden with treasure.

We shall make Hocotate Freight the golden, indisputable king of deep-space, long-haul freight!

Then everyone will be gaudily clad in gold, like me! ...No. I am beautiful. And unique. Yes.

Olimar, I must ask that you take extreme care so as not to insult or endanger our president.

For now, where could Louie be? To be stuck on an uncivilized planet with no food at all...

I am concerned. You must waste no time in finding him!"

Cavern of Chaos

"Wait... From all appearances, this is a particulary frightening crevasse. The data is horrifying!

Courage is one thing, but recklessness is something else. Perhaps we should turn back?

Well, if you still wish to enter, keep your daring in check and just focus on surviving."

Hole of Heroes

"I am detecting the howls of countless creatures in the hole ahead. It is nearly deafening!

Sound analysis indicate a wide variety of creatures nesting here. It is a melting pot of life!

Mr. President, be extremely careful! Olimar, your job is to protect his life at all costs!"

Dream Den

"Perhaps you will find Louie in here! ...And yet, my CPU is on edge. Ludicrous dangers await!

Beasts lurk at the bottom of the deepest, darkest, most foul, sinister, horribly vile pit.

Do you still wish to enter? Of course you do. Courage is our true treasure!"

Frontier Cavern

"Yet another cave discovered! Venturing to the farthest reaches has proven rewarding!

You may be tired of walking, but now just one last leap remains! Now, go get that treasure!"

Bulbmin discovery

"The confused bulborb has fallen in with the Pikmin. They appear to coexist peacefully.

Strange... this bulborb has a leaf sprouting from its spine, much like the leaf on a Pikmin's head."

Brute Knuckles discovery

"Processing... How strange. This atypical metal object came from inside that bizzare being.

...It appears to be a giant metal hand. Perhaps it is an ancient work of art?"

Rocket Fist identified

"This object seems to replicate a humanoid fist. A glove much like it once lay in my junk hold...

...And here is that very glove! I have found the missing Rocket Punch in my junk hold!

Tap A three times to launch it! One, two, PUNCH!!!"

Repugnant Appendage discovery

"Ervvt! Olfactory sensors overloading! Approaching outer stink limits!

The stench must be emanating from that object..."

Rush Boots identified

"This object has pockets of air under its surface. It is perfect for the boots I am making.

Processing...complete. Nano-assemblage of the Rush Boots is concluded!

These nullify wind resistance by circulating air beneath the soles.

You'll move faster and you'll no longer be blown away by puffy blowhogs' nasal blasts!"

Glutton's Kitchen

"Interesting! My odor detectors are reacting... A strong scent wafts from that hole!

I am a machine, so rating scents is beyond me, but your faces tell me all I need to know.

You are both drooling... I wish, just once, I could feel what it is like to drool."

Dream Material discovered

"Processing... How bizzare. An item appears to have fallen out of that freakish creature.

It must have been a greedy beat to swallow something like this."

Anti-Electrifier identified

"This intriguing material does not conduct electricity.

It is far more advanced than the material I was researching. ...How frustrating.

A space suit made from this wonder alloy would insulate the wearer from electric shocks.

Excellent! This new material has allowed me to complete my Anti-electrifier!

It is my own invention, with only the smallest iota of outside inspiration.

I have reconfigured your suits with this new material. They will now protect you from electricity!"

Submerged Castle

"Interesting! Deeper sections of this hole seem to be submerged in liquid...

Sadly, I am a delicate piece of machinery that is sensitive to water. You two must go alone.

...Why do you look at me with such scornful expressions? ...I am an expensive machine!

...Fine. I'll go. But this wantonly reckless treatment of company property will be reported!"

Encounter with the Waterwraith

"What is this?!? I can see it with my optical receptors, but my sensors cannot detect it!

Could its physical form be anchored in another dimension? ...Attacking it is futile!

If only we could force it to take on physical form... But in its current state... Krzzzt-zrrrk!

Danger! Danger! Danger!"

Professional Noisemaker discovered

"Processing... How curious. The wraith completely vanished! But what was it?

Surface-object scans indicate the presence of a bright-red component!"

Pluckaphone identified

"How insulting... This object's coloring is more eye-catching than my own hull!

I shall connect it to the alarm clock our esteemed president was so fond of.

Processing...complete. I have refitted both objects into a Pluckaphone.

Now, simply blowing your whistle will inspire Pikmin sprouts to pop up out of the ground."