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Hi, I'm PikFan23. Welcome to my userpage! Heh. Oh, and I also edit on Pikmin Fanon.

About me

Personal stuff

Must you know this...?

I was born in January 2000, and live in the United States. I'm really interested in science, and I especially like astronomy. The Pikmin series are without a doubt my favorite video games.

On the wiki

I'm a semi-active editor. I've been here since January 2011, but didn't start editing until sometime in 2012. Most of the time I go around fixing little things or adding small details, though I have added some Pikmin 3 content. Also, I'm an admin over at Pikmin Fanon, and I have a fan game. (Pikmin Fanon userpage)

During the merge, I've been mostly inactive, but recently I've been working on the fruit articles.

Need to talk to me? I'm usually on the IRC channel from 4 PM to 9 PM PDT, or just leave a post on my talk page.


I remember when Pikipedia was still hosted over at Wikia. I didn't know much back then – I was only 9. I would edit sometimes, only to have most of them reverted, because my edits were... well, off. I began editing anonymously over at Fanon in 2010, and that's where I heard about what Wikia was doing. So, still an anon, I left the old sites, and stayed faithful to the new sites. I didn't make an account on the new wikis until January 2011. Then, I started editing here in 2012. I also actively became part of our IRC channel, and became friends with Espyo and Greenpickle.

In July 2014, Espyo had talked to the admins of Pikmin Wiki, the old site. This made Espyo and me really, REALLY happy, because for so long, we had wished to bridge the divide between the community. Now that dream is happening, and at long last, Pikipedia shall become the ultimate, absolute source of Pikmin information that ever exists!