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I was bored one so I started looking at people's user pages. I saw Joshazilla's ideas so I thought, "Why not make my own?" so, here they are.

New Pikmin

For Pikmin 3, I only want a few new Pikmin added. Some want like 5 or more, but that's unreasonable. Here are some idea that are pretty common. I couldn't think of something else that doesn't seem ludicrous.

Green Pikmin

Green Pikmin look like an ordinary Pikmin without any facial features. However, they have large hands so they can pick up bomb-rocks. Because of this Stone Walls are back. Now, there are Red Stone Walls, that take 12 bomb-rocks to bust down.

Light Blue Pikmin

Light Pikmin, like Green Pikmin, lack facial features but they have hair like a Hairy Bulborb all over their body making them immune to ice. They also have translucent bodies, similar to ice. Enemies like Frosty Blowhogs' (Explained Later) attacks are ineffective to them.

New Sprays

Again, some common ideas, except for the Ultra Sweet Spray. I thought of that one myself. I also added a new type of spray that's unexpected.

Ultra Sour Spray

Ultra Sour Sprays are formed from lime colored berries produced by a Royal Lime Spiderwort. Collected ten of these make the Ultra Sour Spray. Spray it on your Pikmin to stop enemies from eating them when they are in their mouth/tongue. This effect last for one (1) minute.

Ultra Sweet Spray

Ultra Sweet Sprays are formed from blue colored berries produced by a Royal Lime Spiderwort. Collected ten of these make the Ultra Sweet Spray. Spray it on enemies to make other enemies attack them. This effect lasts thirty (30) seconds.

Mild Sprays

Mild Sprays are just like their ultra counterparts, only they do not last as long. Mild Sprays cannot be formed from Burgeoning Spiderworts or Royal Lime Spiderworts but can be found from the Juvenile Pellet Posy. Due to the Pellet Posy being so young, it has not had a chance to crystallize nectar, or in this case: spray drops. Upon defeat, it will leak out a small drop of spray, a mild spray.

New Enemies

Royal Honeywisp

Nekafara raruius

A Royal Honeywisp, the rare cousin of the Honeywisp.

The Royal Honeywisp, the cousin of the Honeywisp, is a rare species of the Honeywisp family. They are rare and drop only sprays, ultra and mild. They exhibit a bluish coloration and are harmless. I would write more but I would like to include it in Olimar's notes.

Olimar's Notes: This species, unlike their cousins, stay in the vicinity of their eggs to protect and nourish them upon hatching. When the nest is under attack, it produces a gel that scoops up its young and flies away with them to a new location to build a nest. When born, the juvenile royal honeywisp possesses no membrane to protect its fleshy core so it relies on the adult royal honeywisp for protection. Its blue coloration is produced by the illuminating sac-like organs that turns nectar and berry juices into a clear drop that its young feast upon.

Louie's Notes: Catch this specimen when it flees with its young and blend them together. The results will produce the best gelatinous desert your taste buds have ever tasted!

More coming soon!