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Honeywisp In-game icon.
Icon for the Honeywisp, from Pikmin 4's Piklopedia.
Appears in PikminPikmin 2Pikmin 4
Scientific name Nektara fatuus
Family Honeywisp
Areas The Forest of Hope, The Forest Navel, Valley of Repose, Awakening Wood, Perplexing Pool, Serene Shores, Primordial Thicket,
Caves White Flower Garden, Bulblax Kingdom, Hole of Heroes, Industrial Maze, Kingdom of Beasts, Below-Grade Discotheque, Engulfed Castle, Frozen Inferno, Cavern for a King
Challenge Mode stages The Forest Navel
Dandori Challenge stages None
Dandori Battle stages None
2-Player Battle stages Rusty Gulch
Attacks None

The Honeywisp (ピキマキ?, lit.: "Piki Aphid") is a creature found in the first two Pikmin games and Pikmin 4. Honeywisps float across the air carrying nectar (in Pikmin) or an egg (in Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 4), and tend to glow and make high pitched cries, appearing and disappearing out of thin air if a leader passes nearby set places where they can show. A Honeywisp's egg, like any other, may contain nectar, a spray drop, or Mitites.


Game Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health Regen.
Pikmin N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A[note 1] No
Pikmin 2 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A[note 2] No
Pikmin 4 N/A N/A N/A N/A 1 No
  1. ^ The game files specify that this enemy has 1 HP.
  2. ^ The game files specify that this enemy has 99999 HP.


Olimar's voyage log

This timid creature flies around collecting nectar from flowers. It typically hides itself, but shaking flowers can reveal its presence. The nectar it collects appears to be the Pikmin's favorite food. They instantly bloom when they eat it.

Reel notes

This creature collects nectar for the larvae waiting in its nest.

Olimar's notes

This floating life-form drifts effortlessly on the winds. Upon death, its physical structure instantly collapses, and as the creature is particularly elusive and difficult to catch, no sample specimens have been acquired as of yet. If we could simply recover a live sample, research on this species would likely proceed more smoothly...

Louie's notes

Although the eggs are small, the yolk has a distinctly bold and tangy flavor. Try tossing a few in a pan along with your choice of meat and

fresh vegetables and cook up a country scramble!

Dalmo's Notes[edit]

This cutie swims though the air with a heavy-looking nectar egg dangling below its translucent body on its way back to its nest where its offspring await lunch. Nectar is a vital source of nutrition that most life on this planet depends on. Whether it's in the form of an egg yolk, sap, or honey, I leave up to your imagination!

Pikmin Nintendo Player's Guide[edit]

The nectar spectre seems to appear out of thin air, and it is able to hover in place with little movement. Large drops of nectar form on the spectre’s tail, and it is uncertain as to whether the fleeting creature secretes the fluid from its transparent body or accumulates the substance via pollination. Appropriately named for its elusive nature, the nectar spectre remains very much a mystery and requires further research. This creature collects nectar for the larvae waiting in its nest.
Pikmin stop growing once they're uprooted, but you can advance them to the flower stage of development by letting them take a sip of nectar. The golden substance dangles from the tails of honeywisps, and you can force one of the creatures to release its cargo by throwing a Pikmin at it.

Pikmin Nintendo Power booklet description[edit]

Large drops of nectar form on the tails of honeywisps. Tossing Pikmin at these floating creatures causes them to release their nutrient-rich cargo, which transforms leaf Pikmin into flower Pikmin.

Pikmin 2 Nintendo Player's Guide[edit]

Flighty floaters carry eggs that contain nectar. If you can hit a Honeywisp with a lobbed Pikmin, the creature will disappear, but its egg will drop and spill its contents. Honeywisps materialize in an instant and flash away just as quickly. If you want to hit one, you'll have to work quickly.


Honeywisps appear only when approached and disappear after a short amount of time. They float a considerable distance above the ground at a slow pace, and they take no note of the presence of leaders or Pikmin, unless attacked, at which point they will feverishly drop their nectar or egg and vanish. They are frequently found grouped in a general area, though not all will be activated at the same time.


The following article or section contains guides.
The strategies shown are just suggestions.

The Honeywisp is a constantly airborne enemy. As such, it can only be killed with Pikmin. If a Pikmin is thrown at one, it will vanish and drop its nectar. Yellow Pikmin are your best option due to their high throwing arc. When trying to take down a Honeywisp or a group of Honeywisps, its usually fine to throw quickly with less precision to take them down, as there is no risk in fighting them unless other creatures are nearby.

Neither White nor Purple Pikmin are especially effective against this creature, and it cannot be petrified in any way.

Technical information[edit]

Pikmin technical information (?)
Internal name qurione
HP 1
Pikmin 2 technical information (?)
Internal name qurione
Global properties (List)
ID Japanese comment Property Value
s000 friction(not used) Friction 0.5
s001 wallReflection Unknown (wall bounce speed multiplier?) 0.5
s002 faceDirAdjust Unknown 0.25
s003 accel Acceleration 0.1
s004 bounceFactor Unknown (bounce when it hits the ground?) 0.3
fp00 ライフ HP 99999
fp01 マップとの当り Unknown (related to slopes) 15
fp02 ダメージスケールXZ Horizontal damage scale 0
fp03 ダメージスケールY Vertical damage scale 0
fp04 ダメージフレーム Damage scale duration 0
fp05 質量 Unknown (weight?) 0.01
fp06 速度 Move speed 35
fp08 回転速度率 Rotation acceleration 0
fp09 テリトリー Territory radius 1
fp10 ホーム範囲 "Home" radius 1
fp11 プライベート距離 "Private" radius 75
fp12 視界距離 Sight radius 100
fp13 視界角度 FOV 180
fp14 探索距離 Unknown (exploration radius?) 0
fp15 探索角度 Unknown (exploration angle?) 0
fp16 振り払い率 Successful shake rate 0
fp17 振り払い力 Shake knockback 0
fp18 振り払いダメージ Shake damage 0
fp19 振り払い範囲 Shake range 0
fp20 攻撃可能範囲 Unknown (shock attack max range?) 0
fp21 攻撃可能角度 Unknown (shock attack max angle?) 0
fp22 攻撃ヒット範囲 Unknown (attack hit range?) 0
fp23 攻撃ヒット角度 Unknown (attack hit angle?) 0
fp24 攻撃力 Attack damage 0
fp25 視界高 Unknown (height visibility?) 250
fp26 探索高 Unknown (exploration height?) 0
fp27 ライフの高さ HP wheel height 0
fp28 回転最大速度 Rotation speed 0
fp29 警戒時間 Unknown (warning time?) 0
fp30 警戒ライフ Unknown 0
fp31 ライフ回復率 Regeneration rate 0
fp32 LOD半径 Off-camera radius 50
fp33 マップとのあたりポリゴンの選定 Collision processing radius 30
fp34 ピクミンとのあたり Pikmin damage radius 15
fp35 石化時間 Petrification duration 1
fp36 ヒップドロップダメージ Purple Pikmin drop damage 10
fp37 地震気絶確立 Purple Pikmin stun chance 0.05 (5%)
fp38 地震気絶時間 Purple Pikmin stun time 10
ip01 振り払い打撃A Shake mode 1 – hit count 0
ip02 振り払い張付1 Shake mode 1 – Pikmin requirement 0
ip03 振り払い打撃B Shake mode 2 – hit count 0
ip04 振り払い張付2 Shake mode 2 – Pikmin requirement 0
ip05 振り払い打撃C Shake mode 3 – hit count 0
ip06 振り払い張付3 Shake mode 3 – Pikmin requirement 0
ip07 振り払い打撃D Shake mode 4 – hit count 0
Specific properties
ID Japanese comment Property Value
fp01 飛行高さ Unknown (flying height?) 90
fp02 上下の揺れ速度 Unknown (vertical swing speed?) 1.75
fp03 上下の揺れ幅 Unknown (horizontal swing speed?) 20
fp04 死亡速度 Unknown (death rate?) 400
fp05 死亡時間 Unknown (time of death?) 0.5

Other information[edit]


  • Common name: Honeywisp. It is a combination of "honey", due to the sack of nectar it carries in the first game, and "wisp", a mythical entity that resembles a floating lamp's light; effectively, the Honeywisp faintly emits light and floats about.
  • Japanese nickname: ピキマキ?. It is similar to アリマキ? (lit.: "aphid"), but with アリ? (lit.: "ant") replaced with "Piki" (an early name for Pikmin), since the way Pikmin drink the Honeywisps' nectar is similar to how some ants farm aphids and drink their honeydew.
  • Japanese name: ピキマキミツムシ?, lit.: "Piki Aphid Nectar Bug"
  • Scientific name: 'Its scientific name is Nektara fatuus, with Nektara being close to the Latin nectaris, or "related to nectar", and fatuus being the Latin component of the term ignis fatuus, another name for the Will-o'-the-Wisp, a similarly ephemeral floating creature.
  • Internal names: Internally, it is called qurione, a romanization of "clione". A clione, or sea angel, is a creature with a transparent body, much like that of the Honeywisp.
  • Prerelease: None.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese ピキマキ?
Piki Maki
Piki Aphid
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Píjī Tiānshǐ
Piki Angel
Flag of China Chinese
Píjī Tiānshǐ
Piki Angel
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Draaggeest Carry spirit
Flag of France French Mouchamiel From "mouche à miel" (honey bee, lit.: "honey fly")
Flag of Germany German Nektarelfe Nectar Elf
Flag of Italy Italian Vespa nettarice Nettar wasp From "nettare" (nectar)
Flag of South Korea Korean 피크진디
Pik Aphid
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Marimel From "mel" (honey) Possibly a portmanteau of "mariposa" (moth) and "mel" (honey)
Flag of Spain Spanish Agarramiel From "agarrar" (to hold on to) and "miel" (honey)



Pikmin 2[edit]

Pikmin 4[edit]



  • Although the Honeywisp cannot be killed, it still has a health value of 99999 in Pikmin 2's files.
  • A near-copy of the Pikmin 2 Honeywisp exists unused inside Pikmin 3. It functions identically to the Pikmin 2 counterpart, except throwing a Pikmin at the egg causes Pikmin 3 to instantly crash.

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