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Hi, I'm PikminX! I'm a user on this wiki.

I am also a user on the Pikmin Fanon wiki. On that wiki, I am XXOs.

Pikminjap figure.jpg This user has a Pikmin Olimar Plush, a Red Pikmin Plush, a Blue Pikmin Plush, and a Yellow Pikmin Plush.
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XXOs (PikminX)
An X
Gender Male
Location South Australia
Pikmin Don't own
Pikmin 2 icon.png Don't own
Pikmin 3 icon.png Completed story mode
New Play Control! Pikmin icon.png Own
New Play Control! Pikmin 2 icon.png Own
Pikmin 3 Deluxe icon.png Don't own
Hey! Pikmin icon.png Completed Story Mode
Pikmin Adventure icon.png 100% complete
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This user can handle the following languages: English, and a tiny bit of Japanese.