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I am Pkmnbreeder and I'm kinda new to editing so if anything is wrong with a page, it's probably my doing.These are all things that i've"edited" on Pikipedia.

Smoky Progg
Ai No Uta

I am one of the newest Users on this wiki and I'm working on my editing every day. I am a BIG Pikmin fan anyway, i'm hoping I will one day be an admin,but I'd love to see the day when that happens!:(


1 things that i've"edited"

2 Ai No Uta

3 Website

4 Favorites

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1 Things I've"edited"

2 Ai No Uta

Not many Pikmin fans know this but,Ai No Uta,is the pikmin theme song acceced by getting 20 of every pikmin colur and start walking around and if you listen closely you they'll start humming it.

3 Website

This is my website.hope you like it![]

4 Favorites

This is where all of my favotite pikmin things are listed.

Enemy:Secret Incects of Wistful Wild ????

Boss:Titan Dweevil

Area:Valley of Repose

Cave:White Flower Garden

Ship Part:Secret Safe

Treasure:King of Bugs

Pikmim:Bulbmin and White Pikmin