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An editor original from the Pikmin Wiki, but due to the merge, I am brought here. Everything in my user page was originally from the old wiki. I don't want to revise everything, so things I added in from my time here will be italicized and bolded, since I want to differentiate.

Firstly, my username is not a spelling mistake. The name comes from a mix of 3 words: "Stupid," "Super," and "Star." I am stupid, and Kirby Super Star is one of my favorite games, so it fits.

I hang around a bunch of different sites, so you could possibly see me in some other place. However, this is the only place where I use StuperStar as a username, so you'd have to ask the person you think is me... I'll leave it up to you to find me. XP

I'm a big Nintendo fan and geek in general, but I'll mostly edit things around here. Mostly because this is the only community that doesn't have a huge clan of people running it. Kirby, the Legend of Zelda, Mario, and etc. all have a huge staff working on their wikis or information websites. Here at the Pikmin Wiki, which to my knowledge is the #1 source for Pikmin knowledge (first thing that comes up on Google and doesn't have as much competition as all the Zelda websites, like the two wikis, Zelda Dungeon, etc.)

And I just have to leave this here because it pertains so greatly to Wikia:

"You know, just because you can edit doesn’t mean you should."

~Tom Servo: MST3K episode "Devil Fish"

This is a great lesson. Sometimes I find people that add really useless info on pages that are obvious and sometimes stupid. I've seen an enemy's color description in a trivia entry. Given that we have a picture, this is unnecessary. So, if you edit something, please have a good reason. I'm not trying to deter anyone from actually editing, I'm just urging you to edit only if you are actually improving the quality of the page rather than cluttering it.

Current and Upcoming Me News and "To Do"s

(Even though most of you probably don't care)

  • Get the enemy notes from this site on the wiki if they're not already here.
  • Put all locations of overground Nectar Eggs in the page.
  • Getting rid of dead links and replacing them (most likely) by linking them to a section of the Obstacles page

Ways to find me 


Hocotate (I raraely go on so messaging me elsewhere, like here, is 100x more reliable)

Nintendo ID

StuperStar (I have a 3DS and Wii U)

Anyways, a little about me:

Wreck-It Alph.
Wreck-it Alph

~Favorite video game:

Super Mario World

~Favorite Pikmin: 

Pikmin Series: Purple 
Super Smash Bros Series: White

~Favorite Pikmin level: 

Twilight River

~Favorite Pikmin song:

Bublax Kingdom

~Favorite enemy:

Scornet Meastro

Things to Improve

Everything below pertained mostly to the old wiki as we had a large amount of newbie editors that paid little attention to proper format. But I'll just leave it here since, really, it should apply to every, if not most, wikis.

Coherence. Wikis don't look nice and organized if it's content isn't in uniform. Here's a list of things that I'm trying to fix. I like to think of myself as the format Police of this wiki. I have spent hours searching this Wiki for the things that get on my nerves (I'm very fastidious on order and coherence). This is what I aim to do (not all of this deals with coherence, might I add):

  • Italicize games. For example, Pikmin, Pikmin 2, and Pikmin 3. It doesn't matter where the title is (in a heading, normal body paragraph, etc.). JUST ITALICIZE IT. This is a biggy. Also, when you say "the Pikmin series," italicize "Pikmin" (so it becomes "the Pikmin series"). This is observed in every wiki that I have ever been on.
    • Also, italicize direct quotes, like notes, developer quotes, etc.
  • Bold the first time an article uses the name of the subject. Haven't seen this as too big of a problem, but there are a few instances.
    • Sometimes articles have more than one official name (for example, PNF-404 and Wollywog). If an article falls in that category, bold the first time its other name(s) is/are used (like "Wollyhop" for Wollywog, or "Planet of the Pikmin" for PNF-404)
  • THE FIRST PIKMIN GAME DOES NOT END IN A 1. To my standards, "Pikmin 1" is unacceptable on so many levels. By taking off the "1" and italicizing the game name, that should be enough to tell people it is the game, while keeping it's official title. For example, in the Kirby Wikia, they don't call Kirby's Dream Land "Kirby's Dream Land 1" even though the series also has Kirby's Dream Land 2 and 3..
    • I don't think I've ever seen a "Pikmin 1" italicized. Coincidence? I THINK NOT
  • Linking words to multi-sectional pages. Pages like Obstacles and Sprays cover multiple topics, right? Obstacles covers a heck of a lot. Because of that, if you are properly linking things to pages, Obstacles should be a common you type out. Whenever you reference a wall, a bridge, a scale, etc., you're linking things to this page. But, in my honest opinion, linking the word to just the page isn't enough. If someone wants to know information, they want to be brought right to it, or as close as possible, and it is possible to get them closer. say you're linking something to the paper bag part of the obstacles page. What you would do is: [Obstacles#Man-Made|Paper Bag]. You add a "#Whatever section the thing is located in". Paper Bag is in the Man-Made section, so you link it to that section. This is just to keep things more precise.
  • Heading. Make sure you know what ones to use. Here's a list of different things I've seen that has used the wrong heading.
    • For Cave's sublevel walk through, each sublevel header should be heading 3. 
    • Trivia header is Heading 2. I don't find that this happens to much as Trivia only needs to be typed once on any page, but I've seen it, like, 3 times since my joining of this wiki
    • For Note headers, use "Heading 3." For example, in Pikmin 2, enemies have "Olimar's Notes" and "Louie's Notes." Those exact words (the header of the passage) should be set to Header 3. 
    • If you have any doubts on which one you should use, check a similar article (like another fruit or treasure).
  • Trivia goes after the gallery. Keep it that way. I've seen a few articles where the trivia is before the gallery. While I don't really care if it were the other way around, when i joined this wikia community, 95% of the articles followed the trivia-after-gallery pattern
  • While we're on the subject of trivia, make sure, if you're adding a trivia entry, that it's really necessary. Chances are, if the article has more than 10 entries, there are some unnecessary entires. For example, saying Yellow Pikmin can control electric currents in Pikmin 3 is not trivia because it is an important gameplay mechanic. And anything previously stated in thearticle does not go in Trivia. There have been some cases were I have moved something previously out of the Trivia to it, but chances are it's the other way around
  • Categories... let's be reasonable. Make sure you're adding pages to categories that would make sense. No, Olimar's family is not in Pikmin 3 and plants aren't enemies.
    • And also make sure you're not making unnecessary categories. We don't need categories for each individual Pikmin. 
  • Spelling and grammar. Yes, there's not much we can do to stop it. It happens. Some people are bad at it and don't review their work (I for one) very well, but if you can please check over your edit, that would be great. But mistakes happen. So help someone out, and if you have the time, check recent edits to review their writing mechanics
    • The type of spelling should also be considered. Here, in this wikia, we use American English spelling. So, if you come from the UK, Australia, etc., please make sure you are using American English:
  • USA-UK English.png



Yup, I must confess, if something is posted on a blog or talk page of any sort, chances are I'm reading it. Although I often won't make an unnecessary comment

Pikmin Records

(I don't remember all my records. When I'm not lazy I'll update them)



Days: 10

Challenge Mode

Impact Site:

Forest of Hope: 

Forest Navel: 

Distant Spring

Final Trial: 

Pikmin 2



Challenge Mode

Pink Flowers on every course, which unlocks the Louie's Secret video

Pikmin 3


100% Completion:


Any% Completion 

Days: Ooops I haven't actually done an any% speed run....... really, I haven't even done a proper speed run of Pikmin 3. Barely even Pikmin 2 for that matter.... 

Challenge Mode

Pikmin Ideas

Every Pikmin fan I've known has at least a few Pikmin ideas, whether it be enemies, maps, power-ups, etc. Here are mine (once I get time, I'll add pictures. BTW, I have a really hard time with naming):

-I don't have time for grammar. Pardon me if I trip up on it-

-I will be moving stuff to my wiki, so the content will eventually be turned from words to links-


I have a very loose plot idea. I have to build off from what I have. 


Hocotate Freight becomes richer and richer due to the President's new found source of cash (PNF-404). Hocotate has grown from not just a small shipping company that only has a corperate building on Hocotate, but on many planets. It's grown into the biggest intergalactic shipping company in the system. This obviously doesn't go well with some other shipping companies that had to file bankruptcy due to Hocotate Frieght's monopoly on shipping. Hocotate Freight has made some enemies

The company now doesn't just do shipping. It has its own scientific branch, headed by a wacko Hocotation named Gizmo, that studies exoplanets and the strange things about them. Their biggest focus, however, is on the Pikmin planet. I mean, that's what started their money-making spike. So, the President sends builders to PNF-404 to design a Hocotate Freight Research Facility. 

The Completion

The research facility is done. The construction is complete. It is a full-fledged little town (encased in a dome with breathable air) with multiple buildings. Complete with a database named... you guessed it. The Piklopedia. (however, it's empty because since the building's construction, no one has gone their to study the life forms. filling out this database will like filling out the Piklopedia in Pikmin 2). It has a landing bunker for space ships. The President, to get more revenue, even had them build a large hotel for tourists who want to experience this odd, gigantic, but dangerous world.

Olimar gets word of its completion. He was a little cautious about this project. He didn't want to scare off the wildlife or anything. Introducing a world to technology that hasn't had it in hundreds of years would not be natural. All the noise. The pollution. Because of his concern, he urged The President to limit what exactly they would build there (Olimar is technically The President's second in command since he's been with him since the very beginning of the company). It had to be the most environmentally friendly material known to the System. blah blah. You're probably all bored.

The Trip

Now that it's officially done, Olimar and many of the other employees (not all) are going to go to the Pikmin Planet to begin research... and get some cash. That's always right on the list whenever The President sends Olimar or anyone to PNF-404.

Well, it's finally the day Olimar leaves.

"When tourism is open, we'll make sure to go." Olimar's Wife says as they drive to the Hocotate Freight HQ. 

"Dad, maybe you can teach me to use Pikmin!!" Olimar's son exclaims from the backseat.

"Yeah. me too!" His daughter chimes in. Olimar smiles. He hugs and kisses his family goodbye.

The get to H.F.H.Q. Olimar waves for one last time and heads off.

Later, he meets up with The President and his fellow employees. From the HQ, they're get to the big carrier ship, named the S.S. Anticipation (they still have to bring a lot of equipment there. Not to mention employees and their belongings. Their personal space ships, however, are already there), and finally begin this journey. 

The President gives a short speech to his employees and they're off. They put on their space suits and go to the ships enterance.

Olimar meets up with his closest friends within the company. Louie, Gizmo, and Mal (the guy who will be piloting the S.S. Anticipation to PNF-404). He's also greeted by Alph, Brittany, and Charlie. A pleasent surprise. The President hired them and stationed them to work at Koppai's Hocotate Freight building. They had to fly to Hocotate for this occasion. Olimar himself hasn't seen them in a while.

-This is a work in progress-

New Gameplay Elements

Multple Areas in One Day

Instead of choosing one place to go for one whole day, you can go to multiple areas. Say you want to check something out at the Research Facility, then bring it the Bomb Rock Mountain. Well, you can do that! Getting back in your ship and flying to a new place, however, takes 1 hour of a day. Not to overwhelming in time, but still is there so you don't make a day super long, and it's just not logical to fly to a new area in 0 seconds.


You can have 4 characters in you party. You can choose 3. Olimar is required to be in your party. Go back to the Research Facility to change your party
Each character has different stats. (Speed, Defense, Attack)
Olimar:  (5/5/5) 
Louie: (3/6/6)
Alph: (8/3/4)
Brittany: (6/4/5) She has a unique trait in her attack. Her slaps can stop enemies if they're in the middle of attacking (for example, slapping a Fiery Blowhog while its shoot fire will cause it to stop). But there's more time in between her slaps than the other captains.
Charlie: (2/7/6)
The President: (6/6/6) If he takes damage, however, he'll be stunned for a little bit. He's ticklish.
Mal: (6/4/5) Flying to different areas during the day will only take 30 minutes instead of an hour.

Different Suits

During the course of the game, some places will require the leaders to have different space suits that specialize in a certain element. Yes, you still have the fire guard, electricity guard, and other upgrades introduced in Pikmin 2, but that doesn't cut it in certain places. You buy these suits from little market outposts in the world map
Floaty Suit: This suit is extra light and airy. It acts as a floatation device, allowing you to swim at the surface of deep water. This suit has a cyan color.
Lava Trudger
Super Traction Suit: a suit in which wind and slipperiness doesnt affect you one bit. However, you overall speed is lowered a little bit. This suit is never required, but can be useful under the weather and on Glacial Highrise.


Weather Page

New Characters


Gizmo's Page of My Wiki


A master pilot. He served in the Hocotate's spaceforce as a pilot. He can be little crazy and daring when it comes to flying, but that's because he has so much experience at it (not to mention he was in intergalactic combat with it). He is playable. 



Hocotate Freight Research Facility

The main HQ for Pikmin research. You have the main building where main employees hang around. You have the Piklopedia musuem database, which you fill out as you go. The Hotel is also there, but you can't enter. Same with the bunker.
The Research Facility is actually really close to the Impact Site from Pikmin. You actually land at the Impact Site to get there (the bunker is mainly for the S.S. Anticipation and inactive ships). The Impact site is the only area with any sort of enemies (it's the only part not in the dome). Pellet Posies, Pearly Clamclamps, Skitterleaves are there every day. The Mamuta/Goolix switch off is also present.
When you first land here, the Red Pikmin are waiting for you in the Impact Site when you leave the Facility (since the first time you land there, you land in the bunker).

Market Outposts

There area  few really small areas in the world that other companies have set up. There, they try to sell you stuff. They sell you more technological stuff, rather than the Rainbow Pikmins' natural items. They're responsible for selling you the suits.

Wollywog Beach

An early place in the game. This place is located north of the Perplaxing Pool along the caost of the main landmass. it is what its name suggests, a beach. And it has what its name suggests. Wollywogs. This place seemed to be a recreational beach along time ago. Benches are present. In the distance, you can see buoies. Other things you would find at a beach are there.  

Deep Forest

Deep within the forest lies this map. This place can act likea  maze to many because, to get everywhere, you need to utilize the trees, and Hole Mole tunnels. A small garden area is also present. 

Glacial Highrise

In the island in the distance (The Final Trail is located at the shore of it), there's a tall mountain. That mountain is the Glacial Highrise. It's cold, blizzardy, and harbors many new enemies that have adapted to the bitter cold.

Bomb Rock Mountain

The Mountain path leading up to Vocal Volcano. It's rugged and has many vicious enemies waiting. Bombs rock do play an important role.

Vocal Volcano

Almost the complete opposite of Glacial Highrise. This place is super hot and has magma all over. It's very active on some days
(Named after a level in the game Kirby Squeak Squad)

Ghastly Manor

Left behind from civilization. This big house harbors many creepy creatures just waiting to scare.

The Grey Lands


Rainbow Pikmin

A Pikmin of high intelligence. Not only is it smart, it's huge. About the size of an Emporer Bulblax. Through its intelligence, it has learned the language of the Hocotations. They hide in the ground until a Pikmin using leader walks by. They're usually found near the landing site, but aren't present in every area.
You can't use this Pikmin. Instead, it acts as a shop keeper that sells many things regular shop keepers don't. 
It sells (will add more as ideas come in):
Ice Pikmin: It can change any type of Pikmin into an "Ice Pikmin." Ice Pikmin can withstand arctic, blizzardy temperatures. This power up is given to all Pikmin out on the field at the time of purchase. The converted Ice Pikmin will stay ice Pikmin until you leave Glacial Highrise. This power up is required to get to the top of the Glacial Highrise.
Lava Guard: Grants all Red Pikmin (and future Red Pikmin) the ability to withstand Lava. Goes hand to hand with the Lava Trudger. Required for Vocal Volcano and a few caves in Bomb Rock Mountain.
Blue Swimming School: The Rainbow Pikmin teaches the Blue Pikmin how to swim, so now not only can they survive in water, but they can swim on the surface. It goes hand to hand with the Floaty Suit. This is required in various areas and caves, namely Wollywog Beach.
Illumination Powder: An upgrade for Yellow Pikmin. This powder causes all your current Yellow Pikmin to be able to glow in dark places. However, this doesn't light up the whole room like the Wires in Pikmin 3. And this upgrade isn't given to future Yellows like the other two upgrades. It's only given to your current Yellows and goes away after they die. This power is never required, but is very useful in many caves and Hole Mole Tunnels.
Stinky Leaf: Makes all your Pikmin emit a horrible scent. Any enemy that regularly tries to eat your Pikmin will avoid you. However, Enemies that don't kill Pikmin by eating will become more aggresive. This lasts half a day.
Ultra-Bitter Sprays: If you're too lazy to go find a Ultra Bitter Burgoening Spiderwort, you can buy some! See the Ultra Bitter page for details. However, these are also found at any regular shop.
Ultra-Spicy Sprays: Again, if you're a lazy bumb, he sells Ultr-Spicy Sprays. It acts the same as it always has. These too can be found at any shop.



My Ballywog Page

Gardening Spine Beetle

This unique bug-like creature can be a nuisance, especially when paired with other creatures. The reason why this bug can be so annoying is that it can PLUCK Pikmin from the ground and EAT them. However, it isn't too fast (it ain't as slow as a Breadbug, but it ain't an Antenna Beetle), and only has the life of a mature Bulbmin. Another foible is that it can only Pluck one Pikmin at a time. But still, imagine pairing thins creature with a Ballywog or Snitchbug. 
Killing it is an easy concept. Throw Pikmin on it. It'll eventually die. It can defned itself but leaving into the air and flying away. However, it's weight causes it to fall after a few seconds of flying. It'll try to scuttle away from attacking Pikmin, but can still eat them.
Found mostly underground, but could appear above ground.
I'm basing the design off of this (However, I'm changing it up quite a bit to make it more "beetle-like"): a08d-05.jpg

Wrecking Snitchbug

This is the only known Scarpanid capable of killing a Pikmin (besides having a Swooping Snitchbug throw a Pikmin into an abyss), and it only can do so because it carries around a weapon. The Snitchbug will carry around any weapon it can find: a twig, a thistle stem, a piece of scrap metal, etc. With its item, it'll swing it at Pikmin, killing many and launchng others away. 
Kill it like any regular Snitchbug. When it falls onto the ground, it'll drop it's weapon, and once it takes flight again, it'll try to retrieve it as soon as possible. 
Found mostly above ground, but has presents underground as well.

Raging Bulblax

The Raging Bulblax a boss and would be treated much like the Burrowing Snagret or Beady Long Legs (a boss early the game, later become somewhat of a regular enemy later). This crazy Bulblax as those blood-shot eyes and will viciously charge at a leader if they come into view. it charges up like a bull and then runs full speed, only stopping when it hits the wall. Once it hits the wall, it'll fall over and lay stunned for a bit, leaving it vulnerable. However, if a leader got hit in the charge, you'll be unable to get up in time to hurt it (so it's a good idea to have leaders separated to avoid being completely helpless). Any Pikmin hit in the charge will either get launched or die.
The first battle would easily be the hardest of them since, from what I've thought of, it would be the only on in an inclosed space. You could completely avoid attacking its later appearances.

Hole Mole

The Hole Mole likes to dig holes that stretch across the area, making its tunnels useful for getting to new places. The mole will pop up at the enterance (usually only one enterance is available before killing it). It will never leave its hole, so if you don't want to fight it, just walk away. But the tunnels are important and usually have to be entered at some point, so you'll have to kill it at some point. To do that, simply throw Pikmin on it. Preferably its head. It will try to scratch the Pikmin with its gigantic claws.
Scratching Pikmin will kill them, but if you threw Pikmin on its head, the Pikmin will actually just get thrown off and the Hole Mole will hurt itself. But remember to call back your Pikmin because they'll run right back to the Hole Mole, but not to its head, leaving the Pikmin easily killable
Found above and below ground.

Unnamed Tentacle Snake Boss

This is a major boss and can be a massacre if you're not prepared. This snake is equipped with four extra coilly arms. Like having 5 tails; 4 of them used to snatch up Pikmin and eat them. It ate one of the Onions, but the Pikmin inside, miraculously, are still alive. The Snake is fought in a tree and slithers around the arena. 
Its weak point is its head, but to hurt its head (it'll move its head out of the way of any Pikmin), you have to attack its actual tail, which has a leaf on it. Throw Pikmin (preferably Purples) on the leaf. But remember to stay away from his arms. They'll lash out at the Pikmin. Enough damage to the leaf will cause it to be completely stunned, and his head will fall to the ground, and you can attack.

Unnamed Water Spurting Frog

This enemy is a frog, but it isn't part of the Wollywog group. It's still an amphibutor, but just not a Wollywog. This enemy resides in puddles of water, waiting for you and your Pikmin to approach it. Once you come by, It'll start sucking up and drying out the little puddle it's in. Now that the puddle is dry, you can pass without Blues, making this enemy actually useful, and killing it may actually be a bad thing (in fact, this enemy has to be encountered before getting Blues).
Anyways, after a little bit of time with all the water in its mouth, it'll spit it all back out at you, much like a Watery Blowhog, but much more water is being spit out.
The puddle will eventually fill back up.
If you want to kill it, you have to have blues as you probably won't have enough time with non-Blues. With Blues, you just throw them on it. It'll shake them off, but other than that, it's helpless.

Other Wikis I've Edited On

Captain Olimar using the Rocket Fist.
Olimar is allergic to bee stings

(Doesn't matter how many times I've edited on it or even if I still actively go on. I do have to say, this Wiki is by far my most active one)

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