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An obstacle is anything that stands in the way of the Pikmin and their leaders until it has been cleared or overcome. There are several obstacles of different types scattered across the areas of all games, and usually, the Pikmin must work together to clear them effectively. At times, obstacles do not block a path, but clearing them normally yields a shortcut or a reward of some sort.

List of obstacles[edit]

Icon Name Description Games
Pikmin Pikmin 2 Pikmin 3
Arachnode web icon.png Arachnode web Arachnodes often build their webs in the carrying routes of Winged Pikmin. If Winged Pikmin carry something into the web, they will let go of the object and become stuck. No No Yes
Bamboo gate icon.png Bamboo gate Gates that must be held open with Winged Pikmin. No No Yes
Bloominous Stemple icon.png Bloominous Stemple Large, white plants that react to light, and act as platforms. They only bloom when there is an active light nearby. No No Yes
Water body icon.png Bodies of water Non-blue Pikmin start drowning if they come into contact with bodies of water. Yes Yes Yes
Boulder icon.png Boulder Boulders drop from the sky, and crush Pikmin they fall on. No Yes No*
Bouncy Mushroom icon.png Bouncy Mushroom Bouncy Mushrooms let leaders and Pikmin bounce to otherwise inaccessible places. No No Yes
Gray bramble gate icon.png Bramble gate Gates act like walls, completely blocking off an area. They can be torn down in a gradual process, until they are fully opened. There are multiple types of gates. Yes Yes No
Bridge P1 icon.png
Bridge P3 icon.png
Bridge Unbuilt bridges can be found on the ledge of some gaps, and Pikmin must build the bridge in order to pass through. Yes Yes Yes
Burgeoning Spiderwort mold icon.png Burgeoning Spiderwort mold Some form of mold that stops the growth of Burgeoning Spiderworts. No Yes No
Buried icon.png Buried treasure or fruit While not technically an obstacle, some treasures are found underground, and White Pikmin are needed to clear the dirt and unearth them. Some fruits can also be found buried, but any Pikmin can dig them out, with Yellow Pikmin doing so faster. No Yes Yes
Cardboard box icon.png Cardboard box Cardboard boxes block the path to certain areas, and must be pushed out of the way with a minimum number of Pikmin. Yes No Yes
Climbing stick icon.png Climbing stick Sticks used to climb to higher places. They must be extended first. Yes No Yes
Clipboard icon.png Clipboard Boards with handles on them. Clipboards often cover objects, and they need 8 Winged Pikmin to lift it. No No Yes
Clog icon.png Clog Some pools of water can be drained by destroying clogs. No Yes No
Conveyor belt icon.png Conveyor belt Metallic belts that roll in a direction, carrying things on top of them. No No Yes
Crystal nodule icon.png Crystal nodule Crystal pebbles used by Skutterchucks as ammo. No No Yes
Crystal wall icon.png Crystal wall Walls made of glass, destructible using Rock Pikmin. No No Yes
Dam icon.png Dam A stick over a river that blocks the progression of lily pads. No No Yes
Dirt mound icon.png Dirt mound Mounds of dirt that hold small items, which can be revealed by sending Pikmin to dig in it. No No Yes
Dirt wall icon.png Dirt wall Simple walls made of dirt. No No Yes
Electric gate P2 icon.png
Electric gate P3 icon.png
Electric gate Gates covered in electrical current, meaning only Yellow Pikmin can destroy it. No Yes Yes
Electrical wire icon.png Electrical wire Two cut bits of electrical wiring with exposed conductors. They create an arc of electricity from time to time. No Yes No
Electrode icon.png Electrode An open circuit that needs Yellow Pikmin to close it. Upon closing the circuit, a light activates. No No Yes
Elevator platforms icon.png Elevator platform Boxes attached to ropes that act similar to seesaw blocks. No No Yes
Fire geyser icon.png Fire geyser Geysers poking out of the ground that shoot fire at regular intervals. Yes Yes Yes
Flukeweed icon.png Flukeweed Pink, curly plants that are attached to buried objects. Winged Pikmin can lift these objects up. No No Yes
Fragment icon.png Fragments Pieces of broken objects found in piles that are used to build bridges. Pikmin deliver them to the bridge, until all fragments have been delivered. No No Yes
Gas pipe icon.png Gas pipe Pipes sticking out of the ground that emit clouds of poison. No Yes No
Geyser icon.png Geyser Water geysers in the first and third Pikmin games allow access to newer areas, but may need to be activated first. Yes No Yes
Hay icon.png Hay A bundle of hay acts similar fragments. Hay is used to build ramps. No No Yes
High ledge icon.png High ledges Some ledges are too high for regular Pikmin to reach, and can only be reached by Yellow Pikmin or Winged Pikmin. Yes Yes Yes
Iron ball icon.png Iron ball Large spheres that can be pushed by a certain number of Pikmin, until they roll off a cliff. No No Yes
Kingcap icon.png Kingcap Large, red spotted mushrooms that block passageways. No No Yes
Large crystal icon.png Large crystal Crystals either block passageways or hold items. They can be destroyed with Rock Pikmin. No No Yes
Lily pad icon.png Lily pad Green plants that are used to navigate bodies of water. No No Yes
Paper bag P2 icon.png
Paper bag P3 icon.png
Paper bag Paper bags that block passageways. In Pikmin 2, they can be crushed with enough Pikmin weight, and in Pikmin 3, they need to be pushed off ledges. No Yes Yes
Purples needed icon.png Purple Pikmin needed This icon is used on the wiki to represent a warning that Purple Pikmin are necessary, given their weight and overwhelming strength. No Yes No
Gray reinforced wall P1 icon.png
Reinforced wall P3 icon.png
Reinforced wall Strong walls that require bomb rocks to take out. Yes No Yes
Seesaw blocks P2 icon.png
Seesaw blocks P3 icon.png
Seesaw block Seesaw blocks come in pairs, and when enough weight is applied onto one, the other rises. No Yes Yes
Small crystal icon.png Small crystal Small crystals that block geysers and hold small items. No No Yes
Spotcap icon.png Spotcap Small fungi that can block passages in groups. No No Yes
Tin box icon.png Tin box Act just like cardboard boxes. No No Yes
Tunnel icon.png Tunnel Shortcuts through the earth. They have a pile of rubble in the front, and Pikmin can be sent to dig them out. No No Yes

* There is an item that causes boulders to fall in Bingo Battle, however.


  • In Pikmin 2, Pikmin that are attacking an obstacle while latched on will cause damage at a faster pace than those that are standing on the ground.[1] This can be achieved with bridges by pushing the Pikmin off to the side and letting it go back to the bridge on its own, where it should hopefully cling on instead.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of France.svg French Obstacle Obstacle
Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese (NoE) Obstáculo Obstacle Translation taken from the Pikmin instruction manual.

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  1. YouTube video showing how latched Pikmin are faster than standing Pikmin, in Pikmin 2