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A guide for Pikmin 2 by Yoshi

To-do List:

  • Make Day 2 Valley of Repose guide.
  • Move days 2-5 one day ahead.

Day 1 Valley of Repose

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
Nothing to explain here all straight forward.

Day 2 Awakening Wood

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
First take out your Reds then get the Pellet Posies around the open space thats availeble don't waste time waiting for the Posies to bloom you'll just be wasting time anyway send the Pikmin to crush the paper bag then take all of your Pikmin to fight the Red Bulborb then grab the Uter Scrap then have 45 pikmin carry that well the remainder will go on the gate job meanwhile you send louie with the Pikmin to the ship when they get back the wall will almost be done well get in the hole you should have 70 reds when you get in the cave don't bother taking the enemies back to the ship in the end of the game they'll be worthles anyway get the tresures and move on next kill the enemies on sub-2 get the purples,grab the treasure get a good rest Day 3 is a nightmare.

Day 3 Awakening Wood

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
Well I hope youre ready for the nightmare get all the pikmin out get the Cobustion Berry kill the bulborbs first orelse SCREEEECH munch munch ha ha you get my point anyway you can earn some pikmin if you want but its faster if you don't grab the berries while the other pikmin tear down the gate then kill the plant with the 2 eyes enter the hole of beasts now sub-1 only has a few sheargrubs on it moving on well get the purple pikmin on sub-2 next on sub-3 beware 180 digrease celcies thats your only problem only two treasures there moving on sub-4 back to buisines reds can relax purples kill the bulborb then the purples can go hit the eggs(optional-you have to have purples because if mites show up you'll kill them with a 10-50 gram poumce you'll get the nector for your pikmin)then grab the treasures and move on sub-5 this is what you're here for grab your purples throw them on her face(only otherwise your dead)when she is gona shake them off quickly call them back repeat the prosses then move on well you'r out of that damn cave well thats only half of the nightmare crush the bag bypass the enemie then time to finish this day off to the white flower garden sub-1 same as the last cave just different structure sub-2 time for a new enemie well you know him from the first game fiery blowhog two words purple pikmin moving on sub-3 time for the reasen its called white flower garden I'm not going to spoil it sub-4 watch out for the hydrogen sulfide and methane a.k.a. poisen theres two treasures on this sub-level just in case you didn't notice sub-5 it's all over now just kill the snagret and it's all over the nightmare is finished... for now.PS if you have time have your whites working on one of the poison gates.

Day 4 Awakening Wood

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
Well today you'll have to rush things first you take the whites to the flower pots and did on top of them you'll find a treasure take it back to the ship. Now you head to the gate by the snagret hole have the whites deal with this one now if you worked on one of the walls yesterday your okay but if you didn't I gues your SOL anyway get the luck wafer on top of the cliff to get ontop of the cliff throw all your pikmin EXEPT one on top the cliff then walk on the low platform and then throw the last pikmin on the higher platform. Well thats the east of the parking lot a.k.a. the landing site now your of to the west to snagret trail well dont just barge in there kill the creeping crysanthium then distract the other one and get the sheargrubs then deal with the other crysanthium once you killed them DO NOT let the pikmin carry them back make a bridge then put all of your pikmin on carrying the geographic projection and that covers day 4 see you in the morning.

Day 5 Perplexing Pool

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers.
Day 5 you kneed all your whites and 20 reds well let me think oh yeah you take the pikmin to the platforms you know the drill from Day 4 hope for luck because your about to fight a Fiery Bulblax with 20 reds thats right 20 well if you made it send the whites to the gate and make sure the reds ignore the dead body and send them to there onion whites? well keep them with you oh and make sure you kill the Snitchbug and then you can have the yellow pikmin TO BE CONTINUED