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I am yoshi(code name) I have edited a lot pages on this wiki but I have made some such as:

I am one of the first Users on this wiki and its geting more prosporus everyday. I am a BIG Pikmin fan anyway my technical job on this wiki is that I try to locate problems on this wiki and try to fix them. Problems that I can not fix are listed bellow.

News of problems

  • I have also found out that caves like the dream den need to be expanded.

Ranging Bloyster glitch

Not many Pikmin fans know this but the Ranging Bloyster can live after death the antena will still glow and beep but if you put it in THE POD it will only glow.(the reason I put this paragraph here is because I believe this shoud be made a article someday)

My records

Pikmin 1

  • Pikmin:N/A
  • Ship parts:30
  • Days:19

Pikmin 2

IP address

If your wondering who that IP thats me I do not have an acount and I am not loged in.


This is where all of my favotite pikmin things are listed.