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Got a strange text glitch while playing the Dolphin version of Pikmin 2. The rippling effect that normally appears behind the area names is not there. Instead there are these strange names, I'm not sure what to figure about them.

There's a lot going on here. For starters, I'll just say that some setting on Dolphin has to be doing this; try tinkering around the graphical settings, but keep note of your current ones in case you fix it and can't "break" it again :| Anyway, the Japanese text seems to be 今日の成績?, which means "Today's Results", although the actual "Today's Results" text is 今日の報告? (lit.: "Today's Report"). As for "Challenge Cave", I can't even find that string in the game's files. What the hell is going on...? Try to get Wistful Wild's screen ASAP, and try some caves, challenges, and 2-Player Battle levels too. There are codes that come built-in on Dolphin to open all areas automatically, if I'm not mistaken. Also, when possible, let's try comparing our ISO checksums just to make sure you're not playing on an edited copy or something. Oh, and when did these things start appearing? Were they always there? — {EspyoT} 07:24, 11 December 2015 (EST)
This has always happened with the Dolphin version of Pikmin 2 for me. I've tried all the graphical configurations I can think of, including the in-game deflicker setting, and nothing has changed about this. Also caves, 2-Player battle titles, and Challenge Mode levels are normal; it's only when that rippling effect appears that this glitch happens. I looked up Pikmin 2 on Dolphin and it got 4 stars, meaning the game is playable but not a perfect representation of the GameCube version. And I've noticed other graphical issues with my copy: nothing game-breaking, but the textures on Toady and Ranging Bloysters is not correctly mapped, and refraction in the marble treasures or the Stupendous Lens does not function as it does on the Gamecube. I suppose it's time to compare ISO checksums then, but how do I find that? Scruffy (talk) 10:50, 12 December 2015 (EST)
(We compared MD5s on the IRC room; it's a match.) It's probably a rendering glitch on Mac. I say we raise this issue to the Dolphin developers. — {EspyoT} 14:54, 12 December 2015 (EST)

I've got it! You might've reached the same conclusion, but I didn't have enough information to conclude this myself. Normally, when the area is loading, you have the area's name in big letters, static, and facing the player, in which each letter is its own texture. Then, there's a wavy/fiery effect going on behind the area's name. This is a pre-baked texture, but instead of being exactly the same as the name of the area, it's those textures you got. I tried using custom texture loading to change the weird textures Dolphin dumped, and sure enough, those are used for the fiery effect. So they aren't really unused, but are weird in nature. Still think we should contact the Dolphin devs so they can fix you being able to see unwavy text. — {EspyoT} 15:55, 12 December 2015 (EST)