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Please put any funny Pikmin massacre that has happened to you. It may be an enemy killing them, a hazard or even the sundown. You can also comment on other people's accidents.

Blowhog Incident[edit]

This happened to me recently. I was playing the Distant Spring Challenge Mode in Pikmin 1. I came with about 70 Pikmin to construct a bridge. However, I didn't notice the Puffy Blowhog flying near it, so I started constructing the bridge.

When I saw the Blowhog I tried to move it away from my Pikmin by standing in front of it, just when I heard the typical inhaling sound. It happened so fast I didn't even have time to call my Pikmin back. Suddenly 70 Pikmin (less than half were blues) were drowning.

I'm not good at using the blues' lifeguard abbility, so I started calling Pikmin like mad. However, there were already 20 Pikmin ghosts in the air when I whistled for the first time. When finally half of my army managed to get to land, I fled. That's when I heard more Pikmin drowing. I could only save one, so I went away again. I heard more Pikmin drowning, but this time I couldn't save them. I finished with 30 Pikmin! Artwork of an Orange Bulborb.Snakeboss14Artwork of a Hairy Bulborb. 21:12, 16 June 2009 (UTC)

failure on my behalf death[edit]

Once i had to babysit my nephew while i was playing pikmin 2. i had to do something important, so i told him to wait here. when i come back( i was on the semi-final sub-level of dream den with ten purple pikmin as part of an experiment), i had 3 pikmin, and he was fighting the titan dweevil! i asked him what he did and he said he put them on fire. i asked him why and he said because the spider thingy got him.

Stupid Glitchy Bridge[edit]

Once I was building a bridge with purples in the Wistful Wild, but a Cloaking Burrow-nit had already taken part of it away. I come with 100 purples and start chucking them at the bridge. I heard a thud sound when they landed so I thought they were safe. I then noticed that a couple of them were drowning because they had fallen through the bridge. I ran to save them even though I still had 70 purples with me! I took them in the water forgetting to dismss them and they all died except for 5 that were building the bridge.--FREAK ~GameGame Freak Logo.png Freak~OUT! 15:56, 17 July 2009 (UTC)

Cannon beetle Grub has Last laugh[edit]

In the Subterran complex cave in the valley of repose where theres alot of metal platforms, One one level theres a green cannon beetle. Now their usualy easy to beat for me cos I just swarm them, but this level dident have any walls and so, I had swarmed 57 pikmin all around it, and when it bucked to get them off they all flew of the edge of the platform and died, PIKMIN EXTINCTION-LEEKDUCK