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i've been going to alot of random wikias and they for the most part have polls. like green said we have alot on our main page but some have adio and pikidiea dosn't have to much adio so maybe polls would be a good idea. R to the P to theGanon cd-i.jpgWyb

Supporting VotesEdit

  1. --FREAK ~Game  Freak~OUT!

SirPikmin, Your Bold Pikmin Knight!Contributions

Opossing VotesEdit

--I'm ~Lonely Turret~ And I approve this message. Meh.


I don't think that there are too many games to make a comment, but I'll still support.--FREAK ~Game  Freak~OUT!

ty. though what the polls will be on i'm not sure.R to the P to the Wyb

If there isn't a subject for the polls to be about, don't make polls. --Yoshord 18:48, September 7, 2009 (UTC)
Agreed with Yoshord on that. I don't think there's enough to make polls about: enemies, bosses, caves, characters, Pikmin colours, they've all been done and are kind of boring anyway. But if you have ideas? And, uh, what's 'adio'? GP

oops audio, and maybe something like " whats your farovrite pikmin 1 boss/mini boss"R to the P to the Wyb

Like I said in my first comment, there isn't enough categories for this. Others like Kirby Wiki and Mario Wiki and Wikitroid can have polls because they have at least 10+ games. Pikmin sadly, only has 2 games.--FREAK ~Game  Freak~OUT!

yeah but there are alot of enmies and we could also do something like "whats ur farvorite blowhog?" but you have a point pikmin only haveing 2 games. stupid nintendoR to the P to the Wyb

Out of the 4 Blowhogs la-ame.This will be a very Phail Poll, with very phail questions. I'm ~Lonely Turret~ And I approve this message.

well we don't have audio, or videos or even an areana so i was just suggjesting somethingR to the P to the Wyb(why did i help this guy get powers?)

Let's wait till Pikmin 3 comes out.--FREAK ~Game  Freak~OUT!

thats ok with it comes out before 2011R to the P to the Wyb

@Rp: Cuz I'm hot. @Game: Fine by me... any objections? I'm ~Lonely Turret~ And I approve this message.
..You lose *Bullets Ricotche off hotness and kill Rp* I'm ~Lonely Turret~ And I approve this message.

thats impossible, your to ugly...R to the P to the Wyb

Buh- buh- *Commits Suicide* I'm ~Lonely Turret~ And I approve this message.

Chuck norris has orange pikmin, outer space exists because its afrid to be on the same planet as chuck norris R to the P to the Wyb