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I tried to open Pikmin 2's rom directly with an hex editor, but I found no strings. I had tried this in Pikmin's rom, and found some pretty interesting strings (Olimar's voyage log#Others). I eventually noticed that, with some sort of semi-random stuff in Dolphin, I can access the game's memory and read the strings from there. Yes, the process is semi-random. Trying to access the memory directly will yield no strings. I guess I need to load a save-state to force the game to use strings, but that's just silly. Anyway, I found these strings. I'm not sure if all of them are special:

  • This message was moved (ID 1005) (Blank ID 1006)
    • Nothing special, but a bit fun.
  • Your space suit has sustained damage! Excessive damage to the suit could be life threatening. If you sustain too much damage, I'm afraid to say the day's operations will end immediately. I have no suit-repair facilities, so you must repair your suit yourself at the end of each day. Your space suit power meter is the round gauge on the bottom-left. Pay close attention to it.
    • Pretty sure this message doesn't appear in-game. Also, by examining it, I concluded that this is a beta string. In several beta screenshots, you can notice that Olimar is alone. The string indicates that if the single captain (Olimar) is down, the day ends. Pretty sure that in the final game, both captains need to fall before the day ends.
  • The yellow Onion has awakened! You should pluck the seeds it released as soon as they sprout! and The blue Onion has awakened! Pluck the seeds it released as soon as they sprout!
    • I'm not sure, but the onions are already up when Olimar finds them, and some Pikmin are already on the field, so these strings don't appear.
  • What are your thoughts, Captain Olimar? Has this planet changed since your first visit? I am certain discoveries you missed before await detection by your more-experienced eyes. I would suggest you appraise your surroundings carefully. For safety's sake, I shall review camera controls with you. First, to face forward, press . To rotate the camera, slightly depress and move the camera with . Next, if you want to zoom the camera, press . Press repeatedly to scroll through the three levels of zoom. Finally, to adjust camera angles, press , which is above . Press repeatedly to switch between the two different angles. That is my entire explanation. Olimar, you look bored. Louie... You look confused. If you fail to learn these basic skills, you will never survive in the cutthroat corporate world.
    • The buttons could not be retrieved. I think this is too complex. And I think some of the camera functions don't exist in the game at all.
  • You appear lost. Try pressing to change leaders and combine your wits and strengths. If an object blocking your path won't budge when pushed, try compressing it with weight!
    • This one is probably normal. Although basically everyone noticed that the paper bag can be squashed on their first playthrough. We need to try wasting time around the paper bag trying to look clueless, to see if this message appears.
  • Bury enemy Pikmin! Supercharge all Pikmin! Vanish from opponent's view. Blowhog drops on opponent. Blowhog drops on opponent. Recover stolen marble. Increase Pikmin by five. Increase Pikmin by ten. Volatile Dweevil drops on opponent. Boulders drop on opponent. All Pikmin bloom. Swooping Snitchbug drops on opponent.
    • Descriptions for the Roulette Wheel's powers? I don't think these descriptions appear.
  • (...) Zoom Linking Back Nintendo GameCube Controller Game Boy Advance (SP) Game Link cable Nintendo e-Reader Game Boy Advance On Off Back Continue (...)
    • Can Pikmin 2 be connected to a GBA?
  • Test Area (ID 8394) Test Area (ID 8394_01) Test Area (ID 8394_02) Test Area (ID 8394_03)
    • Found amongst the level strings. We already found some of these, right?
  • It's been added to your Treasure Log! You can't log this treasure until you reach the surface. Total Subterranean Salvage:
    • What?
  • Test Message 9995 Test Message 9996 AquickbrownFoxJumpsoverthelazy and Under Construction (ID9999)
    • Some more test messages. They forgot dog in the test message, and F and J are capitalized. Oh well.
  • If you delve deeper, all of your Pikmin sprouts will be left behind!, If you go above ground, all Pikmin sprouts will be left behind! and Pikmin sprouts remain. Do you still want to return to the surface?
    • These are a bit contradictory. I once tried to leave with every Pikmin buried (on the Breeding Ground), and a different message popped up, saying I can't leave because all Pikmin are burrowed. These messages didn't appear. Also, look at the last one. It says that the sprouts will remain. If they remain, why can't they be left behind?

Any thoughts on these? {EspyoT} 10:38, 6 January 2011 (EST)

  • Pikmin 2 can be linked with an e-Reader. There were card packages released only in Japan, I believe. As for wasting time around the bag, I could try that.

Pikmin1254 16:22, 6 January 2011 (EST)

You couldn't leave because you can't go into a sublevel with nothing but your captains (I think). Those messages just seem to say "You'll lose Pikmin, but you can go on if you want" if you have only some of your Pikmin buried. Also, I think the last one means they'll be left behind and die instead of be preserved until you come back (which also makes sense due to random layout changes).--Prezintenden