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Pikipedia has forums for wiki-related discussion. While these forums are rarely used now in favor of the Discord server, they are still available for talking about Pikipedia.

The forums are divided into 2 sections: the help desk and the Watercooler. The help desk can be used to ask for wiki-related help, while the Watercooler can be used for general discussion about Pikipedia and its running.

To create a topic at either of the sections, type the name of it into the "Add New Topic" box and click "Add New Topic". From there, enter your comment, sign it with ~~~ or ~~~~ and press "Save" at the bottom of the page. Forum pages work like normal talk pages, so the talk page policy applies.

Other forums

A screenshot of the Pikmin Wars home page from 2010.

For non-wiki-related discussion about the Pikmin series, various other unofficial forums are available.

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