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Article needs to be split into two, especially for notes and categorisation purposes. GP

Quite a number of pages have links to the Sheargrub article. Most of them do because they were made before separate male and female articles were made and linked to this one when either was mentioned, but in other cases, it's a reference to the species in general, not a specific sex (like in the Twig article). When I cam across pages with the latter case, I would relink them to Mandiblard, but I'm wondering if it would make sense to remake the Sheargrub article. It wouldn't have to have much, maybe a short description and links to both male and female pages, but at least a little more than a typical disambiguation page. What do other people think? Just continue linking "Sheargrub" to Mandiblard?

I'm not sure. I deleted it because I thought it weird to have Sheargrub information on Mandiblard, Male Sheargrub and Female Sheargrub. All the other enemies only have their own pages and a family page. Maybe they should just be delinked? If you do decide to recreate the page, I think that it would be best short. GP
Yeah, there was a reason why I (later you two) kept and changed the page. There were, and still are, pages that link there. However, it completely passed me that Greenpickle had deleted this, and I somehow managed to bypass broken Sheargrub links.
To get to a point, I see no problem in a redirect to Mandiblard. This page is deleted for that exact reason, so I'll do that for now.--Prezintenden
Gah, Greenpickle, you could have just waited a minute for me to finish. Still, I agree with you, but prefer my idea. 'That alright?--Prezintenden
I don't really mind either way. And wait for you? I edited 15mins before you... GP
Oh... I was occupied with the stupid WLAN again; it was driving me mad, so I guess I lost the sense for time...--Prezintenden
I was thinking something really short, even something like "Sheargrubs are small, common enemies in both Pikmin games. There are two variations: Male (link) and Female (Link)." You know, a page that served the same purpose of a disambiguation page, just a tiny bit more informative. Doesn't matter anyway, though, a redirect to Mandiblard is fine, especially now that all Male and Female instances which linked to Sheargrub have been taken care of. —Jimbo Jambo