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Pikmin 3 icon.png
Rock Pikmin
Resistance Brute force, such as crushing or impaling
Attack Slightly above average on collision
Mobility Above average
Throw Average
Carrying capacity 1

Rock Pikmin are the seventh type of Pikmin announced for the Pikmin series, found in Pikmin 3 and first seen at E3 2012. Their appearance is unlike that of most other Pikmin: their bodies consist of a roughly-shaped piece of rock with transparent appendages, and their flowers, along with winged Pikmin, are indigo instead of pink or white.

Rock Pikmin are first discovered at the Garden of Hope as the third type of Pikmin encountered in the game, found inside a Medusal Slurker. Once the Medusal Slurker is defeated, they can be used to free their Onion from a Crystal Nodule, allowing more rock Pikmin to be grown. At the end of the day, as with other Onions, it will merge with the red Onion.


Rock Pikmin are capable of breaking hard objects, including a type of gate that appears to be made of crystal, the shell of the Armored Mawdad boss and the Peckish Aristocrab, and Crystal Nodules. They are also immune to brute force attacks; if they are crushed, they simply get stuck in the ground and come out of the ground shortly after, and are immune to piercing and impaling attacks.Despite their increased strength, they do have a setback; rock Pikmin cannot latch onto their targets like other Pikmin, and will instead bounce off and roll back.Occasionally, they will make a harder impact on the enemy, which may cause them to flinch. rock Pikmin, like all other kinds of Pikmin, are able to carry bomb-rocks.


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