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Emperor Pinchipede

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Screenshot of the Emperor Pinchipede.
The Emperor Pinchipeede during its introductory cutscene.

The Emperor Pinchipede (ダイオウハサミムカデ?, lit.: "Great King Scissors Centipede") is the third major boss found in Pikmin Adventure. It is a centipede like creature featuring a green side with weak spots and an orange side featuring spikes to take out players. Its separated appearance and mandibles bears a resemblance to the Armored Mawdad.


Once the battle begins, the Emperor Pinchipede will begin to move wildly around its arena, with its mandibles always able to take out any players and Pikmin in its path. After moving around for a little bit, it will eventually hone in on a player before charging straight at them quickly while biting its mandibles. If one of the larger weak spots is destroyed, it will land somewhere in the arena before it flips to its orange side before spikes appear and it starts spinning around the arena.

Once all of the weak points are destroyed, it will enter its second phase, opening an extra weak spot on its head segment. During its second phase, the Emperor Pinchipede will attack exclusively by compacting the body segments together like an accordion before turning onto its orange side and shoots itself across the stage. Once the last weak point is down to half of its health, all but the back most segments will separate and spin around the arena while the Emperor Pinchipede will move about very quickly while biting around the arena. It will not do any other attacks until it is defeated.


Once the battle begins, try to attack the smaller weak spots first as they do not spin around the arena after being destroyed unlike the larger weak spots. Due to how quickly the Emperor Pinchipede moves, it is very likely that any Pikmin that are attacking the weak points may be knocked over, so it is advised to whistle them back constantly in order for them to not be attacked by the mandibles.

Once the second phase begins, make sure to throw all of the Pikmin onto the weak spot on the Emperor Pinchipede's head as it is charging its attack as that is the only time to attack it when it isn't attacking. Make sure to dodge the proceeding attack by swiping in the desired direction on the GamePad's touchscreen or by pressing the 2 Button on the Wii Remote on the Wiimote. During the last part of the battle, make sure that as many Pikmin survive the enslaught of spinnign segments by whisting them and throwing them onto the weak spot of the now very swift Emperor Pinchipede. Repeat this until the boss is defeated.

Monita's notes[edit]

This beast's segmented body has plenty of weak points, making it easy to target. However, it will hide them when it is upset. Just don't get too close to its snapping jaws.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese ダイオウハサミムカデ?
Daiō Hasami Mukade
Great King Scissors Centipede
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Keizerpinchipede
Flag of France French Empereur Mille-Klak Pinceur
Flag of Germany German Kaiserkaufüßler
Flag of Italy Italian Centiciompo imperatore
Flag of Portugal Portuguese (NoE) Centopinça Imperial
Flag of Spain Spanish Ciempiédulo emperador
Flag of Russia Russian Императорская сорокодавка

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