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As a disclaimer, this is the first time I've ever posted here on Pikipedia. I looked around, and if I'm right, this is where to post. I've found somewhat of a glitch, and want to know if it is worthy of being updated to the nectar glitch page.

You see, in Pikmin 2(sorry, I cant get the category link to work) you can continue to pass Leaf/Bud Pikmin over Nectar other Pikmin are drinking, and the will drink it too. It's possible until every last sip of nectar is gone. I've gotten around 30-40 Pikmin with just one Nectar.

Soz.. Should I add it to the Nectar Glitch page? Has someone used this before me? (sorry If they did. XD)

I don't really think it's a glitch. I for one found it pretty frustrating in Pikmin 1 to accidentally touch a glob of nectar with a single Pikmin and then be unable to feed the rest of my army, and I'm guessing they just did that in Pikmin 2 to make things a bit easier. —Jimbo Jambo
Yes, it's intentional, so it's not a glitch. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be mentioned if it isn't already; just that it shouldn't be deemed a glitch.GP 16:43, 9 June 2008 (UTC)