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This is about using screenshots vs. concept art in infoboxes, particularly on enemy and treasure pages, where both are available. The first thing I'd like to say, that I hope is obvious, is that where the screenshot or concept art image we have is low-quality and the other isn't, the higher-quality one should be in the infobox. Secondly, if both are available, they should definitely both go on the page. Thirdly, if multiple similar screenshots or concept art images are available, only one should be on the page.

Now, about which to use in the infobox when both are available and fine. I feel that screenshots, since they're exactly what you see in the game, might be a better option to use in the infoboxes; however, if they're cluttered or the article subject isn't the only image subject, concept art should be used instead. I know concept art looks cleaner, but I think screenshots can often look nicer, certainly nicer than those small concept art images that were taken from that Gamehiker wiki ages ago. The new GameSpot ones for NPC!Pikmin are nice, though, so I'm not exactly vehement in my disagreement with concept art.

Now, what I've said may lead to lack of consistency across the pages - is there a problem with that? I don't think there is, as long as each page looks fine as its own article, but I'm wondering what others think on this matter. GP

Pros of Concept Art: Neater (Less clutered), often used on other wikis. Cons: Less interesting (My opinion), shows what it should look like not what it does. Pros Screenies: More interesting, illustrates what it looks like in-game. Cons: Can be cluttered, sometime identification of what we are seeing is difficult. Just my 2 cents... I'm ~LonelyRedpikminsprite.jpgTurret~ And I approve this message.
I think that screenshots should be used for enemies, especially if there is a screenshot from the piklopedia available. Those ones are clean and the subjects generally aren't hard to identify, while still having the pros of screenshots. However, for treasures, I think that concept art should be used. What treasures are supposed to look like seems more important than what they do look. And I agree that both should be shown on the page if available. --Yoshord