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Topic. We have a LOT on the plant pages, and I don't think that we need them. One big example is the Horsetail article. I think that those external links in the article itself should be moved to a section called "For More Reading" or something similar. Any thoughts? InfectedShroom.

Obviously, being the one who added them, I think they're pretty useful. Most articles have lots of links to all kinds of things around the site, but of course, the types of things that can be linked to are limited by the wikia's theme. I put them there in case someone was reading an article and wanted to know what the heck a light-emitting diode was without having to jump through unfamiliar hoops to find out. Nobody's being forced to click them, but if someone's curious to find out more about what's written, links are right in front of them. I don't really see any downsides. —Jimbo Jambo
Hmmm... I just don't think they look too great in the main paragraph. I dunno, I guess they're fine, especially if you don't know what an isotope is. :P InfectedShroom.

I agree with Jimbo Jambo. IAMAHIPO_ocolor 03:14, 29 February 2008 (UTC)

I think it's interesting to just be able to click on a link and see what the plant's really like. Sort of makes you marvel at the lengths the designers went to to be accurate.GP