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I just found this, which should work but doesn't. GP

Well, if you upload a file, you'd generally want to insert it into a page. Also, it sees all media as picture files aswell.
Hey, wait. It does work. I just uploaded the Hazard Training music (mono! ^_^).--Prezintenden

It does now...but it was broken before. I promise. That'll make uploading many screenshots easier. GP

I would like to add that in the cave Snagret Hole that the First sublevel is a bird house but is curreltly locked.Learner 22:04, 30 January 2008 (UTC)

It looked like a shed to me. GP
I'm pretty sure it was a birdhouse. It's a little small to be a shed. You'll notice that the hallway leading up to it looks like a hollowed out tree limb or something of the sort. There's also a big round hole in the far wall. Not only that, but the sublevel directly under the wooden structure is open-air, implying that the level above it is suspended off the ground. I mean...that's just my take on it. —Jimbo Jambo
I agree with that, even though that would be one heck of a birdhouse. Even though the above-ground level is displayed subterranean in the Dream Den, it does seem logical on this one. I formerly thought it as a tree house with a window, the whole thing built on top of a branch (Database locks have been showing up a lot lately, huh?).--Prezintenden