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I put {{SUBST:Loafy the Breadbug/sig}} in the preference box like i should but when i sign it comes up with {{SUBST:Loafy the Breadbug/sig}} instead of the image on the page! Loafy the Breadbug

Instead of {{SUBST:Loafy the Breadbug/sig}}, try, {{SUBST:User:Loafy the Breadbug/sig}} Vol (Talk)

Nope! Still nothing! Loafy the Breadbug

I suggest creating a User:Loafy the Breadbug/Sig}}, which is where you create your regular sig and then a <nowiki>{{User:Loafy the Breadbug/Sig2}}, which is where you will input <nowiki>{{User:Loafy the Breadbug/Sig}}. After that, go to your preferences at the top and go to signature. Typer in <nowiki>{{User:Loafy the Breadbug/Sig2}} and check the box under it. Save changes and it should work. --FREAK ~GameGame Freak Logo.png Freak~OUT!

Thanks, it a rubbish sig but its good enough for me! 121.jpg Loafy the Breadbug 121.jpg

Thanks for the help, but I think i'll stick to my old one, for now. 121.jpg Loafy the Breadbug 121.jpg

Did someone say something about a new sig? Vol (Talk)

Oh no.... Grabs flamethrower. Snake: It's show time. The one and only,Dwarforangebulborb.jpgPeanut64.