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Maybe not necessarily a page, but all the user-made maps about the games' levels should be placed on the Walktroughs category. I'm not the only one to create such maps, and to have one on the level's page means that it should have everyone's. (And yes, this is just a small idea for a small improvement :P) {EspyoT} 20:29, 27 January 2009 (UTC)

We already have a categories for this. The category:Map images, and there's category:Area images. However, the latter isn't for self-made maps with guides.--Prezintenden
Would it make sense to put a link on the guides pages to the map image category? They are sort of related. Also, I've been thinking, should we get rid of the map images template and just categorise them instead, since that implies copyright, which maps don't need to have. Then they have separate license templates. Actually, should we merge Pikmin 1 guides/Pikmin 2 guides too? I don't see a point in having them on separate pages. It would make adding the map link easier too. I'm sure just guides would be fine. GP
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Anyway, the categories and copyright, sure. I don't really think it matters much if the guides are divided into two pages, but I wouldn't mind them being together either.--Prezintenden