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Glow Pellet

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A Glow Pikmin carrying a Glow Pellet.
A Glow Pikmin holding a yellow glow pellet.

A glow pellet (グローペレット?, lit.: "Guroperetto") is a collectible in Pikmin 4 that only appears in night expeditions. In this mode, they serve as a stand-in for pellets, and can be carried to the Lumiknoll (directly, or indirectly via Tricknoll) to propagate Glow Pikmin. They can be found in small piles on the ground and as the spoils of defeated creatures, with different enemies awarding different amounts. Every 3 glow pellets collected will spawn a new Glow Pikmin at the Lumiknoll, which will then teleport to the player's position and be added to their current squad automatically.

Visually, glow pellets resemble konpeitō and come in a variety of colors, though this does not affect gameplay.


The leaf texture used in Pikmin 2's Challenge Mode menu. (Used on Pikipedia in the {{stub}} template.)

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