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Obviously, the most important Pikmin merchandise that exists are the Pikmin games themselves. Collectors should know that over the years many different versions of each game have been released, even more than shown in the image to the right, such as the Nintendo Selects version of Pikmin 3, as well as simple updates when the games are re-released. More information can be found in each game's page.

Pikmin 1+2 pack[edit]

In Japan, a copy of Pikmin and Pikmin 2 for the GameCube were sold together in a bundle along with a set of five Pikmin figures. The figures are unique to this bundle, and feature a Red Pikmin, a Yellow Pikmin, a Blue Pikmin, a Purple Pikmin, a White Pikmin, and a special cardboard container to hold and display them. The container is labeled as "Pikmin 1+2", which is one of the few examples of Pikmin being referred to as "Pikmin 1".

Pikmin 2 Special Edition Starter Set[edit]

On July 21st, 2004 in Japan, a GameCube bundle was released, titled "Pikmin 2 Special Edition Starter Set". It contains a regular complete in box platinum GameCube set (platinum GameCube, platinum GameCube controller, power brick, and av cable), as well as an emerald blue controller, a copy of Pikmin 2, and a Sanei Purple Pikmin plushie. Since none of the items in this set are exclusive to the set, the only way the contents hold value is if they include the box itself. It is believed that 500 to 1000 copies of this set were made, and very few are known to be left in existence. The bundle holds very high value, as it was most recently sold on the Japanese auction site, Yahoo Auctions, for ¥151,000 on January 5th, 2019.[source needed]

Pikmin 3 digital download card[edit]

In Japan, digital Wii U games were sold in stores with download cards, and Pikmin 3 was no exception. The cards came with packaging that was not very different from the front and back of the game case were you to buy a physical copy.