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Various products of Pikmin music.

Pikmin World[edit]

Main article: Pikmin World.

Pikmin World is a soundtrack for Pikmin. It was released by Nintendo in Japan on July 10th, 2002, and was never brought overseas. It features 36 songs from the game.

Strawberry Flower music[edit]

Main article: Strawberry Flower.

Strawberry Flower is a virtual band that produced four singles to promote the Pikmin series, exclusively to Japan. The four singles are Ai no Uta, Pikmin Dance, Tane no Uta, and Song of Hey! Pikmin. The band became extremely popular for its first song, 愛のうた? (lit.: "Song of Love"), which even managed to outsell Pikmin itself in Japan.

Sheet music books[edit]

Main article: Strawberry Flower#Sheet music.

In light of the popularity of the Strawberry Flower band, two music books were released. They contain music for Ai no Uta, and were both released in January of 2002, though the book that was published by KMP released on the 15th, while the one published by Doremi was released on the 30th. They each include multiple compositions for the song, differing in key and instrument.