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Regarding the Tusked Blowhog[edit]

I really don’t think it can be considered a boss, let alone a “tough enemy”. Unlike other creatures labeled a “tough enemy,” its appearances are way too common (a trio even appear in Hero’s Hideaway in an area that can’t even be called a battleground), it has very low health for a “boss” (900 HP, not even hitting the 2000 HP mark), and has very little strategy to its battle (even with creatures like the Jumbo Bulborb, Mammoth Snootwhacker, and the Titan and Blizzarding Blowhogs they have something to keep you on your toes). I am genuinely stumped as to why it even has this label aside from maybe a music cue that I may have failed to notice. Even then, this was a distinction the Iridescent Flint Beetle had in the first game yet we don’t count it as a boss as it poses no threat and has no proper health wheel.

Personally, I think that the threshold for a “tough enemy” is that they must have at least 2000 HP and the battle must take more than 3 seconds to end normally. I also feel that they can keep their status if they guard a numbered gate. Let me know what you think about the Tusked Blowhog’s status and my idea for what makes a “tough enemy.” Marxo Grouch (talk)

If you read the article, you can see that (at the moment) they're classified by the music that plays when they appear. The song that plays for when you encounter the Tusked Blowhog in the Hectic Hollows is the same song that plays for the Jumbo Bulborb, Mammoth Snootwhacker, and the Titan and Blizzarding Blowhogs. What you consider deserving of the title is irrelevant to how it's currently characterized. We're discussing ways to reformat the terminology to be as satisfying as possible while remaining objective, but it's hard without delving into subjectivity. - Bossclips (talk)

Ah, I see. Marxo Grouch (talk)