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Blizzarding Blowhog

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Blizzarding Blowhog In-game icon.
Icon for the Blizzarding Blowhog, from Pikmin 4's Piklopedia.
Appears in Pikmin 4
Scientific name Sus nivisventis (hypertrophic)
Family Blowhog
Areas None
Caves The Mud Pit, Cavern for a King
Dandori Challenge stages None
Dandori Battle stages None
Attacks Blows ice
This article is about the large grounded Blowhog that attacks with freezing air that can knock Pikmin backwards. For the small grounded Blowhog that attacks with freezing air that cannot knock Pikmin backwards, see Snowy Blowhog. For the airborne Blowhog that attacks with freezing air, see Icy Blowhog.

The Blizzarding Blowhog (ブリザードックリ?, lit.: "Blizzard Tokkuri") is a larger version of the Snowy Blowhog, similar to how the Titan Blowhog is a larger version of Fiery Blowhog. Since Blizzarding Blowhogs blow ice, Ice Pikmin should be used to defeat them as they are resistant to ice. However, since these Blowhogs can be placed near a void, they aren't fully immune to the creature as they can be thrown to their deaths.


Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health
15 30 15[note 1] Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 15 2000
  1. ^ This enemy cannot be delivered to Onions in-game. This information is obtained from the Piklopedia.


The Blizzarding Blowhog acts quite similar to its smaller counterpart, the Snowy Blowhog. They will walk around a small area, noticing Pikmin and the captain when they draw near, and will then attack blowing ice out of its mouth. This ice will freeze any Pikmin apart from Ice Pikmin, as they are resistant to ice, but will blow them away. In addition to attacking more rapidly than its smaller counterpart, the Blizzarding Blowhog also has a slightly shorter delay before it shakes off Pikmin.


The Blizzarding Blowhog looks identical to the Snowy Blowhogs, with the only difference being is that it is a lot larger.


There are only 2 Blizzarding Blowhogs in the entirety of Pikmin 4, found in sublevel 2 of The Mud Pit and sublevel 7 of the Cavern for a King.


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Ice Pikmin are the most obvious choice to fight Blizzarding Blowhogs due to their immunity to ice, but note that, due to their low attack power, a squad consisting solely of Ice Pikmin will take a while to defeat the Blowhog. Using other types can potentially end the battle more quickly, provided you are quick on the whistle to save any frozen Pikmin.

Blizzarding Blowhogs cannot directly kill Pikmin, as freezing is nonlethal. However, keep in mind that, due to the cave layout, they may be able to buck them off the map and into the pit, which will kill them. Take care to ensure that the Blowhog is facing in-bounds when fighting it, and be prepared to disengage if it begins facing out of bounds. Otherwise, Blizzarding Blowhogs can be treated similarly to all other Blowhogs: Throw Pikmin onto its body (or Rush a squad into it while riding Oatchi), and whistle them back before it can buck them off, repeating the process until the Blowhog dies.

Alternatively, Oatchi can reasonably kill it on his own, provided he has his Pup Thermal Defense upgrade. He'll take minor damage from the Blowhog's attempts to buck him away, but the fight should be very simple otherwise.

As with all Blowhogs, throwing Purple Pikmin onto its body is also a very effective strategy that can very quickly kill it, due to their extreme stomping power. Around 20 Purple Pikmin are enough to kill this beast. Purple Pikmin also have the added benefit of being immune to the knockback created by the Blowhog's freezing breath, which is by far their deadliest aspect in their encounter in Cavern for a King.


Dalmo's Notes[edit]

This creature blows out an unending gale of freezing, blizzard-like winds. Talk about lung capacity! With this hulking darling around, we could cool down those hit summer days in an instant. Although, it does exhale carbonic acid. Maybe that's not such a good idea after all

Olimar's Notes[edit]

This specimen is actually a Snowy Blowhog, that lethal expeller of icy air. However, it's grown to a gigantic size thanks to an endocrine abnormality.

Unlike the Titan Blowhog, this condition does not sentence the Blizzarding Blowhog with a shorter life span. In fact, its life span is actually much longer than that of the average Snowy Blowhog.

The organs that produce the dry ice are also enlarged in this specimen, perhaps in order to make production more efficient.

Louie's Notes[edit]

Scrape the interior of its elongated nose with a spoon for a quick dessert of meaty shaved ice. Add a drizzle of sashimi-grade soy sauce to take it up a notch!


See more: Blowhog family#Naming.
  • Common name: Blizzarding Blowhog. A blizzard is an extreme type of snowstorm.
  • Japanese nickname: ブリザードックリ?. It is a pun on ブリザード?, lit.: "Blizzard" and ドックリ?, lit.: "Tokkuri".
  • Japanese name: フブキブタドックリ 肥大個体?, lit.: "Blizzard Pig Dokkuri (Hypertrophic)". This is the same as the Japanese name for the Snowy Blowhog, with the added clarification that it suffers from hypertrophy, which is a condition that increases muscle and cell growth.
  • Scientific name: Sus nivisventis (hypertrophic). This is the same as the Snowy Blowhog, with the added clarification that it suffers from hypertrophy.
  • Internal names: BIGICETANK. ICETANK is the internal name for Snowy Blowhogs, with "big" added to distinguish size.
  • Prerelease: Unknown

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese ブリザードックリ?
Blizzard Tokkuri
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Bīngxuě Dégǔlì
Ice Snow Tokkuri
Flag of China Chinese
Bīngxuě Dégǔlì
Ice Snow Tokkuri
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Frisademig reuzesnuitzwijn Fresh-breathed giant snouthog
Flag of France French Puffy cracheblizzard Blizzard-spitter puffy "Cracheblizzard" is a portmanteau of "crache" (spit) and "blizzard" (blizzard)
Flag of Germany German Rüsselbibba Trunk Tremble The name is a portmanteau of German "Rüssel" (trunk/proboscis) and Latim "bibba" (bibbern), relating to the it’s ability to blow ice
Flag of Italy Italian Eruptor tempestoso Stormy eruptor
Flag of South Korea Korean 눈보라돼지호롱
Blizzard Pig Oil Lamp
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Cusporco-neve Snow spitpig "Cusporco" is a portmanteau of "cuspir" (to spit) and "porco" (pig)
Flag of Spain Spanish Verraco glacial Glacial pig



  • Both Olimar's notes and the creature's scientific name suggest that Blizzarding Blowhogs are affected by hypertrophy, a condition where cells in the body – normally in organs such as the heart – enlarge. In reality, it is virtually unheard of for anything with this condition to grow taller or larger. It shares this condition with Titan Blowhogs.
    • Unlike Titan Blowhogs, Blizzarding Blowhogs appear to solely benefit from their condition, as their enlarged organs do not damage their body, and in fact, directly benefit its lifespan. Titan Blowhogs are also noted to be infertile, while Blizzarding Blowhogs are not explicitly stated to be such.

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