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This area takes place in a big cavern. Right at the start, there is a bush, that serves as a nest for Yellow Pikmin. After going down on a climbing plant, Olimar finds some Yellow Pikmin that are threaten by a Spornet. In this level, the player has to be very cautious with those enemies, because there is a lot of them. The area is also made up with patchs of ground that goes up/down. There is also obstacles of wood, that needs to be pushed down in the ground in order to progress in the cavern. The first treasure to be found in this area is the Consolation Prize, alongside with two Mockiwis. Not too long after that, the Ultra Sealed Aquarium can be taken. As the player progresses in the level, there is more and more Spornets, thus making it through the cavern harder without losing Pikmin. Some fragments have to be retrieved, in order to make a bridge and continue the cave. Just after the bridge, the Peace Missile can be brought back to Olimar.