Cavern of Confusion

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Hey! Pikmin icon.png
Cavern of Confusion
Sector 1 – Area B
Cavern of Confusion 1.jpg
Treasures 3 (list)
Hazards Poison icon.png
Obstacles Dirt block icon.png Fragment icon.png High Ledges Wooden stake
Pikmin available Yellow Pikmin
Pikmin discovered Yellow Pikmin
Requirements Complete First Expedition
Next area Mushroom Valley (normal exit)
Cherrystone Pass (secret exit)
Music Underground area
Underground area - back side

Cavern of Confusion (まいごの どうくつ?) is the second area in Hey! Pikmin. It takes place inside a cave with shifting parts, and introduces the player to Yellow Pikmin and their ability to be thrown high. Near the end, there is a large wooden stake that blocks the way to the secret exit that leads to the Cherrystone Pass. If the player doesn't have enough Pikmin to stomp down the stake, they will have to take the standard exit to the Mushroom Valley.


This area takes place in a big cavern. Right at the start, there is a bush, that serves as a nest for Yellow Pikmin. After going down a vine, Olimar finds some Yellow Pikmin that are threatened by a Spornet. In this area, the player has to be very cautious with those enemies, because there are a lot of them. The area is also made up of patches of ground that go up and down when stepped on. There are also wooden stakes, that need to be pushed down into the ground in order to progress in the cavern. The first treasure to be found in this area is the Consolation Prize, alongside two Mockiwis. Not too long after that, the Ultra Sealed Aquarium can be taken. As the player progresses in the area, there are more and more Spornets, thus making it through the cavern harder without losing Pikmin. Some fragments have to be retrieved, in order to make a bridge and continue the cave. Just after the bridge, the Peace Missile can be brought back to Olimar.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Yellow Pikmin introduction Cavern of Confusion first Yellows.jpg The player whistles the Pikmin hiding behind leafs at the start of the area. The four Yellow Pikmin hiding behind the leafs pop out with backflips and perform a pose.
Spornet attack Cavern of Confusion scared Yellows.jpg The player enters the room after the first vine. Four Yellow Pikmin appear running away from a Spornet's shot, right to left, then left to right, and then right to left again. The Spornet leaves after this third time.
Crumbug tube Cavern of Confusion tube cutscene.jpg The player walks a bit forward after the doorway beyond the bridge room. Four Yellow Pikmin idle by a colorful tube. One crawls inside, and a bit after, quickly scurries back out. It stops some distance away from the tube, looks back in horror, and the three wonder what's wrong. A Crumbug then crawls out of the same tube. The four Pikmin run away as the Crumbug tries to bite them, before turning the opposite direction and walking off.

Pikmin locations[edit]

Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes
In a bush Right at the start of the area 4 Yellow Pikmin Have less than 4 Yellow Pikmin Mandatory to break the dirt block
Threaten by a Spornet After the vine and a Crumbug 4 Yellow Pikmin First time only
In a bush Right under a Spornet and a vine 4 Yellow Pikmin Have less than 4 Yellow Pikmin
In a bush Right before a Mockiwi 4 Yellow Pikmin Have less than 4 Yellow Pikmin
In a bush After the Consolation Prize 4 Yellow Pikmin Have less than 8 Yellow Pikmin Mandatory to bury the wooden stake
In a bush Next to the entrance to a doorway 4 Yellow Pikmin Have less than 4 Yellow Pikmin
In a bush After a crew of Spornets, under a Heart 4 Yellow Pikmin Have less than 4 Yellow Pikmin
In a bush After the doorway 4 Yellow Pikmin Have less than 8 Yellow Pikmin
Crawling in a tube Right next to the previous bush 4 Yellow Pikmin First time only
In a bush After the two Crumbugs 4 Yellow Pikmin Have less than 8 Yellow Pikmin








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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese まいごの どうくつ?
Maigo no dō kutsu
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Chaosgrot Chaos cave
Flag of France.svg French Grotte du désarroi Cave of disarray
Flag of Germany.svg German Die verwinkelte Höhle The perplexing Cave
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Grotta del caos Chaos cave
Flag of Mexico.svg Spanish (NoA) Caverna de la confusión Cavern of confusion
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish (NoE) Caverna de la Confusión Cavern of Confusion

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