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Doesn't it drop from a web? Learner2

There would appear to be a web-like shadow, as there is on the final sublevels of the Citadel of Spiders and Hole of Heroes (where BLL and RLL are found, respectively), but whether or not they actually belong to the beasts can't be said. Remember that Arachnorbs aren't related to arachnids, and in fact are descendant from insects. I don't believe any adult insects actually spin silk, but it's impossible to say how far from your basic stock insect the Arachnorb family has gone; maybe they do spin silk webs, or maybe it's not a typical web at all. —Jimbo Jambo
I always thought the web-like shapes were patterns actually inlaid in the ground. Then again, I never really looked closely. GP
I think the webs sway back and forth, i.e. shadow. And to assist your theory, Olimar noted that it doesn't appear to have any features. Maybe body "entrances" are included with that?--Prezintenden