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Should the smaller geysers from Pikmin 1 be included in this article, and if so, should they be categorized as obstacles? I mean, they don't do a lot to actually impede movement, but neither do bridges or stick ladders.—Jimbo Jambo

I think we've just used obstacles as a general term for things in the game that aren't collectible or alive. Maybe you could add a small section; I don't see why not. (In Pikmin 1, they're the small things Olimar walks on to get raised up to a higher platform, right?) GP
Sure. It'd be lovely to have a snapshot of one in action if you've got the time, too. Also, yeah, geysers just shot Olimar up to higher places. Sometimes they were useful, other times completely useless. —Jimbo Jambo (Thanks for my adding my sig, by the way)