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Phew, that took forever. I finally completed the article. Let me share the brief adventure I had with this.

Before the Pikmin wikia merge, I'm pretty sure that we didn't have any info drawing info on the wiki. Then, the page for the drawings and the articles for the areas contradicted each other on multiple occasions. I cleaned the whole thing up, but in the end, two drawings were off. One on the Formidable Oak had the wrong description (the room with the Bulborbs?), while the final one on the Twilight River was missing entirely.

I spent the last few hours searching around like crazy. I was about to give up, until I decided to do a reverse Google image search on the picture we had. I was sure I'd only get results for the wiki, but miraculously, Google found a match for a different image of the same drawing elsewhere. It was a Japanese wiki. With this, I was able to get information on the third Twilight River image, but I couldn't really find the one with the Blue Pikmin submerged in water on the Formidable Oak.

Again, I was about to give up, until I tried a Google search for the subject the wiki had. After mindlessly roaming around the Japanese results, I stumbled upon a Miiverse post with one drawing and a reply with its location on the radar. I hoped that the author had done the same for other drawings, specially the one we were missing, and lo and behold, luck shone upon me. I found this post, and that was the final piece needed to complete the article.

Boy, that was both frustrating and fun. But now we have the article complete! Only way it can improve now is to have pinpointed locations on radar images and the actual textures ripped from the game. Let's see what the future entails. — {EspyoT} 18:59, 18 June 2015 (EDT)