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Throughout Pikmin 3 there are hidden murals – these are fifteen small abstract drawings of Pikmin doing various tasks. They are normally found in dark or not-so-obvious locations, and most of the time are too small to see clearly, so to view them with detail, the KopPad's camera feature is necessary. The origin of these images is currently unknown, and it is not clear if these are rock paintings or engravings, known as petroglyphs. Each area in story mode has three drawings, and each area contains drawings of only one Pikmin type, with each of the markings representing that Pikmin in a different maturity.

In Pikmin 3, these drawings are simply Easter eggs with no in-game reward for finding them, but in Pikmin 3 Deluxe, their existence is acknowledge by Olimar[1], and taking photos of the murals with the KopPad's camera earns the player badges.


Tropical Wilds[edit]

Leaf Bud Flower
Drawing Tropical Wilds drawing leaf texture.png Tropical Wilds drawing bud texture.png Tropical Wilds drawing flower texture.png
Depiction A Red Pikmin being chased by a Bulborb. A Red Pikmin carrying a 1 pellet. A Red Pikmin near fire.
Location On the walls of the tunnel under the waterfall where the Mock Bottom is, to the east of the landing site. The leader must face east. On a wall under the bridge built on the first day, to the southeast of the map. The leader must face south. Inside the hollow tree stump that can be accessed by the seesaw block on the beach at the north. The leader must face east.

Garden of Hope[edit]

Leaf Bud Flower
Drawing Garden of Hope drawing leaf texture.png Garden of Hope drawing bud texture.png Garden of Hope drawing flower texture.png
Depiction Rock Pikmin breaking a crystal. A Rock Pikmin tumbling over. A Rock Pikmin and a broken crystal.
Location Inside the room to the east of the landing site, where Brittany is trapped. It is on one of the northernmost wooden boards that make up the walls. Inside the bucket to the southwest of the landing site, that serves as a walkway to the Quaggled Mireclops's arena. The leader must face northeast. Inside the pipe near where the Blue Onion is found, on the ceiling, with the leader facing northeast.

Distant Tundra[edit]

Leaf Bud Flower
Drawing Distant Tundra drawing leaf texture.png Distant Tundra drawing bud texture.png Distant Tundra drawing flower texture.png
Depiction The process of a Yellow Pikmin coming to life. A Yellow Pikmin digging through a tunnel. Yellow Pikmin conducting electricity.
Location On the tin can near a Bearded Amprat and a Bouncy Mushroom, to the west of the Onion. It is on the southwestern side. Inside the tunnel on the landing site to the east of the Onion, once it has been dug. The leader must face east. On one of the metal sheets that surround the Bloominous Stemples, inside the cave at the northwest of the map, with a bamboo gate and Pyroclasmic Slooches inside. One must walk on the westernmost Stemple and face north to see it.

Twilight River[edit]

Leaf Bud Flower
Drawing Twilight River drawing leaf texture.png Twilight River drawing bud texture.png Twilight River drawing flower texture.png
Depiction The front and back of a Winged Pikmin. A Winged Pikmin flying above some Flukeweeds. A Winged Pikmin carrying a Cupid's Grenade.
Location On the large pillar holding the fragments and a Secret File, in the second half of the area next to where a Skeeterskate spawns. The mural can be found on the southern side of this pillar while the captain is under the water. On the large green pipe that splits both halves of the area. By taking a lily pad into the pipe, and before the scene changes, the drawing can be seen on the pipe's northern wall. On the curved corridor that leads up to the Scornet Maestro. Near the top of the path, there is a patch of green on the ground, and right near it is the drawing on the tree's bark, a bit below and to the left of the mushrooms.

Besides these drawings, there is also a hidden carving of sorts in this area.

Formidable Oak[edit]

Leaf Bud Flower
Drawing Formidable Oak drawing leaf texture.png Formidable Oak drawing bud texture.png Formidable Oak drawing flower texture.png
Depiction Two Blue Pikmin carrying a 1 pellet. A Blue Pikmin swimming. A Blue Pikmin standing in water.
Location On the eastern pillar of the reinforced wall at the beginning of the cave. It is on the northern side of the reinforced wall. In the Plasm Wraith's arena, on the large rock to the west of the cave's exit. The leader must face west. Before the entrance to the cave, there is a root and a rock protruding from the wall, to the east of the geyser. The drawing is on that rock.


In Pikmin 3 Deluxe, there are two badges the player can gain from taking photos of the hidden murals:

  • Archaeology Hobbyist: Taking photos of five hidden murals.
  • Legendary Archaeologist: Taking photos of all fifteen hidden murals.

Other drawings[edit]

The carving at the Twilight River.

In the Twilight River, there is a carving of sorts of three Yellow Pikmin holding hands, not unlike the drawing at the Distant Tundra. It can be found at the base of the light-bulb in the Twilight River's cave, facing the water. This does not count as a hidden mural, despite the similarities.

In addition, in Pikmin 3 Deluxe, most reinforced walls have line designs on them in a similar style to hidden murals.


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    While exploring this planet, I often see what appear to be murals. Did the Pikmin draw these? Because they capture each Pikmin's essence perfectly-much more artistically that I would be capable of. I must remember to take photographic documentation. – Captain Olimar in Olimar's Log Vol. 2, file 3

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