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Flowers twirling[edit]

For the context of the edit in maturity that elaborated on what games have what thrown Pikmin features and fall speeds for what maturities, I checked all games frame-by-frame. I'll leave the results here since they may be useful for the future. Frame counting starts on the first frame I'm no longer holding the throw button, and ends on the first frame I see the idle glow.

Game Version Pikmin type Maturity Frames
Pikmin GameCube Red Pikmin Leaf 33
Flower 37
Yellow Pikmin Leaf 41
Flower 46
Wii Red Pikmin Leaf 34
Flower 34
Yellow Pikmin Leaf 34
Flower 35
Pikmin 2 GameCube Red Pikmin Leaf 35
Flower 40
Yellow Pikmin Leaf 42
Flower 47
Purple Pikmin Leaf 44
Flower 43
Wii Red Pikmin Leaf 36
Flower 35
Yellow Pikmin Leaf 35
Flower 35
Purple Pikmin Leaf 44
Flower 44

{EspyoT} 16:51, March 18, 2023 (EDT)