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This object sparkles beautifully. It's enormous, but I think it would make a great party decoration. That reminds me of the last time my family threw a party. I was busy at work, and I couldn't make it, so my wife and kids enjoyed the party without me. Hrmmm... My family grows further and further away each day...

Captain Olimar on the Essential Furnishing, entry in Olimar's journal

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List changing process

Only staff members can change this template, and as such, change the list of excerpts. That person should follow these steps:

  1. Edit this template's list of excerpts in the #switch block, using the same format as the existing excerpts.
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  3. Edit the excerpt list.
  4. (Optional) Add an offset to the #switch block so the template shows the same excerpt as before instead of jumping to another point because the mod value was changed.

This process applies both to adding and removing excerpts.