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This template is used to display the various notes of the game, in a common format. Pass arguments for each subpage of "Notes:Article name" containing transcribed notes, out of the following:

  • reel: Pikmin enemy reel notes
  • olimar: Olimar's notes on enemies and plants
  • louie: Louie's notes
  • Olimar's journal on treasure:
    • journal: the same in all versions
    • journalgc: the text in GameCube US and GameCube European
    • journalwii': the text in Wii US and Wii European
    • journalus: the text in GameCube US and Wii US
    • journaleu: the text in GameCube European and Wii European
    • journalgcus: the text in GameCube US
    • journalgceu: the text in GameCube European
    • journalwiius: the text in Wii US
    • journalwiieu: the text in Wii European
  • sale: Sales pitch
  • salenpc: Sales pitch in New Play Control! Pikmin 2 (if different)
  • series: Ship's announcements for series
  • voyage: Olimar's voyage log
  • monolog: Olimar's monologs in Pikmin 1 (includes ship part notes)
  • ship: ship's dialogs
  • shipnpc: ship's dialogs in New Play Control! Pikmin 2 (if different)
  • brittany: Brittany's notes on fruit
  • brittanyreg: Brittany's notes on fruit in both regions (if different)
  • heypikmin: Logs in Hey! Pikmin
  • heypikminreg: Logs in Hey! Pikmin in both regions (if different)

...Where each of these is exactly the same as the name of the subpage, excluding the ones with version differences. For example, a typical treasure would have {{notes|journal=y|sale=y}}.

The parameter name_override can be used if the subject is different from the article's name.

Alternatively, to just get one set of formatted notes without any headings, do {{notes|page|type}}, where page is the article the notes are about, and type is one of the subpages listed above. For example, {{notes|Blue Pikmin|voyage}}.