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High Definition overhead map of the Perplexing Pool.

A high-definition map of the Perplexing Pool.


This template shows an image from a list of featured images, automatically switching to the next image in the list each day. It is currently showing image #18 out of the 127 in the list.

If you think another image should be added to the featured image list, you can nominate it at Pikipedia:Featured image nominations. Staff members updating the list should read this checklist.


This gallery contains every image used in this template, listed in the same order they appear in. When moving/renaming one of the files here, make sure to update the filename in the template itself, as well as this gallery.

List changing process

Only staff members can change this template, and as such, change the list of featured images. That person should follow these steps:

  1. Edit this template's list of images in the #switch block, using the same format as the existing images.
  2. Edit the number after mod at the top of the #switch block so that it equals one more than the ID of the last image.
  3. Edit the number after mod found in this page's Info section in the same fashion.
  4. Edit the gallery.
  5. (Optional) Add an offset to the #switch block so the template shows the same image as before instead of jumping to another point because the mod value was changed.

This process applies both to adding and removing images.

Recommended image sizes: Images with a roughly 16:9 ratio (Wii, Wii U, Switch screenshots) should be 400px wide, images with a roughly 4:3 ratio (GameCube screenshots) should be 360px wide, images that are taller than they are wide should be 300px wide, and small images should be at their full resolution.